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  1. just added some more pics still trying to find any parts the only ones are standerd from toyota and cost a fortune :(
  2. well that was easier than last time i tried. if you can see itlet meknow and i'll put on a couple more
  3. ok...i'm not that great with the whole uploading thing. How do I put the pics on this post. once ive uploaded them it says manage current attachment. do i insert it into text editor or what? please help!!
  4. Where? I cant find them :( In the general members gallery. Mines the one with the speedo as the first pic. Dunno how to change that. what do u think??
  5. dazkilburn

    1987 carina II

    pics of my 1987 carina II can't be many of these about now it's only done 60000 miles and one owner i am hoping to add some performance parts soon if i can find any but i am having problems getting hold of any thanks for looking
  6. 1.6 gl i thought it would be a good car to do up as it has only had one owner and only done 60000 miles thanks
  7. Hi I have just bought a Toyota Carina II 1987 4 dr hatchback model.I want to get better performance from it and I am wanting to replace suspension as it drives like a boat. I am struggling to find standard parts so does anyone know where I can get after market parts. Will 1987 Corolla parts fit it? Many thanks
  8. Hi am new to this site, I bought last week a 1987 Toyota Carina II GL. I need to replace the rear suspension and the wing mirrors on both sides. I've searched the internet and I cannot find any parts for it anywhere. Cananyone help me on where I can go please? Many thanks
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