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  1. Nice to know we're not alone! It could indeed be the bushes and agree it appears to come from the near side/passenger seat area, especially noticeable at slow speed. Lets hope Toyota UK will acknowledge they have a problem and are willing to find a fix. I suppose it will mean that if we don't get satisfaction we should insist the dealers report it to Toyota and get one of their field engineers (if manufacturers have them still) to take a test drive. Shame such an advanced car has a basic problem!
  2. We have one of the first cubes in the UK (having bought it in July last year). There is an annoying amount of suspension noise when traveling on uneven roads, sounding a bit like the exhaust banging against the underside of the car. Toyota Oxford acknowledge the noise is present and have replaced the rear shock absorbers in effort to cure it. This has made no difference, so I went on back to back test drive with one of their stock cubes. That also has the same problem/characteristic. I am told by Toyota Oxford no other cube owners have complained (but they say they haven't sold many cubes!?). The supplying dealer, Bristol South also say no other customers have complained, but have invited me to allow them to investigate. Oxford are also advising Toyota technical dept. I cannot believe we are the only cube owner to notice this (if indeed it is a characteristic of all cubes). Has anyone else the same issue?
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