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  1. as said above any 4age filter will fit perfectly...there all the same as far I recall........when i had my 20v conveted corolla i always ran it on millers 10w-40 semi synth and changed it every 4000 miles..always ran as sweet as a nut.. sometimes I miss my 20v more than anything
  2. Just been to change to batery on mums ae111 corrolla and ive noticed the alarm sounds when you take the positive off the old there anyway to stop this..or will it stop itself after a few seconds..i dont really fancy a deafing while im trying to change the battery!
  3. ill be coming down for this one..ill be runing in my civic though..:) ll i get my new toyota on the road :)
  4. evening..need a carine e 1600 starter motor fr an automatic if anyones got one lying around anywhere.....
  5. I love those penguins, ive seen christamas caper loads of times now and it always makes me chuckle....... EGGGGGNOOOGG!!!!
  6. Im still gutted I cant make it this year!.....oh well I spose florida will have to do!
  7. This sucks!!, Kitts ine of my fav Toc cars :( but like you said sometimes you have to draw the line somewhere , thres other cars and you'll always have a smile when you think about her....:)
  8. and just for comparison on my old silvertop 20v I used to get 150 miles to a tank no matter how I drove it!!
  9. theres not much I can add to stunned to see this :(, but were all behind you, and well see you at all the shows next year :) get well soon
  10. Very annoyed i cant make it this year!! take a tip anything that thiunking about all should!! last years was one was one of my fav nights out al year! But alas florida calls :D
  11. te only mod ive done to mine was to sell her..and she now lives in Ireland :(....sad but true....but getting out of debt was more important for the time being
  12. ahh shame im hoping to get on track if i can get hold of the necessary folk at t'other end PS kim make sure you get lots of pics, ← Will do lee find someone to take pictures of your day too and FRILLIP please do not type in text speak <_< alot of our non uk members find it difficult to understand so do some of our uk members . thanks :D ← How true......blooming txt speak..this isnt faceparty!! ill be at D1 as good to see you there that im a toyota traitor again in the covered seating area for this ine..
  13. i wasnt al that impressed this year......but i did only go for the day instead of last years drunken weekender...but there was def a lack of atmosphere this year.....and the biggest shock was the price to get in now being a tenner a person...yikes!! thank god i never bring anyone with me!!
  14. ill be there.......but alas the corolla is sold now :(
  15. personally..I had my original 4afe reconned before i did my engine swap and i would suggest using the money to buy a decent low milage from japan....wil prob work out a bit cheaper too....i reconeed mine and a year later it was just as bad....
  16. We get a list of who needs a hotel room then i book us in :P ← Excellent! tis a great night out in Newcastle :)
  17. yes yes yes!!!! I need another night in Newcastle big style!! whats the arrangments for the hotels??
  18. meeee!! its five minutes from my house but im camping all weekend too!
  19. i cant work out if i should be annoyed i missed it..or glad I did now!
  20. can I still come......already got a pitch sorted for the car..but id hate to miss a weekend on the sauce with my fellow toc's :D
  21. which is a real shame as last year was a right those that camped all weekend will testify!......personally im glad its only a one day show this ill be coming back from ibiza on the sun and id hate to be missing out! :P
  22. Jealousy is a bad bad thing dude .. :P ← im pretty sure jealousy is a path to the dark side.....
  23. bugger......didnt even realise nmm meet was nearby! ah well will def come for the trip to newcastle....
  24. i went at 00.31 today had to be done to be honest!..and thankfully i wasnt dissaponted one little bit..the true reason for anakins fall to the dark side of the force is soo sad...and obv im not gonna spoil it for anyone that hasnt seen it yet! its def the best movie of the series and i think ill be seeing it a few more times at the cinema!