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  1. Happy Birthday elitechef!

  2. need to check the valve tomorrow does anyone know any good mechanics in donegal?
  3. hey guys i have a 1995 liftback corolla looking to modify rear lights but all aftermarket lights are for saloon model would these fit of does any one know wer i can get ones that do? thanks
  4. no never needed to be skimmed after the change as replacement head was in good condition
  5. hey guys have a 1995 efi corolla car overheted and needed head gasket replaced and a new head fitted car went perfect for a few weeks but burning a lot of oil. then suddenly the car stopped starting in the morning or after the car was not in use for a few hours................ the only way to start is to keep turning over and over untill the car would backfire and start untill it backfired the car would not take the trottle as if the auto matic choke was not opening but once the car was started it would run okay. after that a few more weeks passed and once the car was running if i cluched it and let the revs drop below 2,000 then the car would cut out suddley this was very dangerous going round corners etc now it wont start at all just keeps turning over but not firing ow and the engine mangement light is constantly on now my mechanic has no clue whats wrong digmostics cant be done as it only has the old plugs and the fuel pump is working put petrol is not entering the injectors i need help so any ideas wat wrong or any one has gone tru sililar please please help thaks ..............:)
  6. yeah im in no hurry to change the engine so cud do a deal 4 it
  7. thank bt those models of cars are very rare to find in ireland wud it take much mork to fit a 1.6 mr2 engine in?
  8. wanted 17 inch ice cool racing street racer pro alloy wheel wanted single alloy required cash waiting color not important
  9. somebody must know the code
  10. hey just gota gt4 vent fitted to my car taght the code was 205 black but no were near any ideas people it an off black / grey with alot of metalic in paint seen others with same colour but codes on car dont correspond btw it a japaniese import thanks
  11. my 10,000 corolla al spaent on cosmetic work <a href='http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?autocom=gallery&req=si&img=6159'><img src='http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/uploads/1262616242/gallery_89338_1051_76176.jpg' alt='from the side' /></a>
  12. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...ost&id=6299
  13. hey guys i own a 1995 corolla that i love to bits. currently runnin a 1.3 16 valve twin cam engine looking to go bigger but want to change engine with as little trouble as possible need somthing that fits directly in mechanically with as little wiring as possible if any one could help id really appriate it thanks wayne
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