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  1. Are you all parking up as a club or something? I'v never been you see.
  2. Hey, I'm heading down to Jap Fest on saturday and wondered if anyone else is goin?
  3. Those JDM runx tail lights look really nice. I had a look on the net but cant seem to fine anywhere to buy them, just to get an idea of pricing
  4. They seem to have car lights down in oz man i think another dude on here had some wicked angel eye head lights from oz too they were well nice!
  5. Is that a custom job mark or aftermarket ? either way looks awesome!
  6. I have been brousing the web looking at TRD upgrade parts and found this page http://trdparts.jp/english/parts_engine-2zz-ge.html and was wondering if anyone had upgraded to any TRD parts. Also i c that TRD USA do alot of superchargers and wondered if anyone knew if any of their stuff would fit our E12 CTS's coz i dont think anyone dose a compressor upgrade anymore or do they? Cheers scotty
  7. No Scotty don't do it. Aww why not dont u like them ?
  8. I am looking for a set of these deflectors but the only team heko ones on ebay now are for vauxhall cars :( Anyone know where i can get some ?
  9. No, and you're just wasting your money, plugs arent due till 60k IIRC as they are iridium, I am doing a 50k service before winter and wont be changing my plugs until the service after But on the other hand won't i be getting a performance upgrage aswell so it wud be worth while ?
  10. I am gonna do my 40.000 service this weekend hopefully and i'm gonna get some Denso IK20's but is it worth getting better spark plug leads too ?
  11. No Problem at all mate it was worth the trip to france to deliver it. U got an awesome bumper and i carried on to a road trip to amsterdam :D Bumper looks awesome mate nice job.
  12. Wicked man well i bought a set of wolfrace sharks today 4 x 100 ET40 7x17 Gloss black with a chrome rim i am well pleased. Got them for £440 with tyres. Thanks for the info noedel U'r a big help. When r u gonna fit my T sport bumper? :P Its been a while since u bought it off me.
  13. k i found the wheels but they say et40 and i was talkin to -t-sport and he was sayin that it is best to go fot et42-45. I dont even know what et?? even means lol
  14. Which set is on Ebay the wolfrace shark or the Finichi Firenze ?
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