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  1. Hi all Left the Aygo club over a year ago now as I traded it in for an FTO... however potentially starting a commute for work now so thinking of getting myself a little old shape Yaris as I'm on a budget! Does anyone have any recommendations or things I need to look out for when buying? Probably going to go for the 1.3 for running costs sake! Any help would be much appreciated, please see below a pic of the old Aygo some of the regular Aygo forum posters may remember me!!
  2. Hi all Not been here for a very long time! Just popping in to say hi and to point out that the C1 GTI from Balance Motorsport has been reviewed by evo magazine and is up for sale. http://www.c1gti.co.uk/ I would love to have this car, hope it gets a great new owner!
  3. No 195/45/15 is the perfect size don't bother with anything else!
  4. Ummm... standard suspension hard?!?! The chassis frequency of the standard suspension is equivalent to a 4*4 so a big fat NO on that one... the ex Jazz driver is talking nonsense! Yes its a 'Sport' model but nothing more than a few cheap trick bits like maybe carpets and alloys plus a shiny badge saying sport! Hope that helps!
  5. AS spark plugs are supposed to be good for 48000 miles and if you not done anything near that miliage as my Auris (2500 miles) when it goes in for its 4th year service, ill ask them to leave changing them.that will save a couple quid.i am also providing my own oil (Mobil esp 5w 30).that ive brought off eBay,a lot cheaper than they will charge and i know whats going into the sump. Not aware of any fuel additive being added.some replace remote battery without asking. My garage just checked my plugs at 80K and they did not need replacing so they re-torqued them - no charge Fuel additive has been added every 20K at two Toyota garages... I guess you could ask them not too but won't hurt having the injectors cleaned from the inside out every now and then... also once the engine is warm you can burn lots of crap off by redlining before you change gear :) My battery was tested at 80K and found to be in very good condition just in need of a re-charge
  6. 4 year/ 40K service is a major one I believe: Brake fluid change New spark plugs New oil & filter including new sump plug and gasket New air filter Fuel additive Plus everything else inspected such as exhaust mounts ball jounts driveshaft boots ect.
  7. Get yourself the latest copy of EVO magazine, turn to page 39, spend a bit of dough.... then let us know how pleased you are with it!
  8. Oh sorry... yes of course I need to add on another 2 seconds to unplug and replug the airbags... that'll be another £20 thank you very much!
  9. Just read the Balance Motorsport blog and their latest post is about the new EU laws on MOT's, spelling the end of modified cars. I don't know about anyone else but I think we have paid through the nose and suffered enough from the policy-makers in the EU and if this goes ahead, it could be the end of the UK modifying scene altogether! Defiantly worth a read here: http://www.balancemotorsport.co.uk/main.asp?sitepages=blog Any thoughts?
  10. I agree but the job hardly requires a professional... its 8 bolts out... 8 bolts back in! They really are having you at £150 I'm in the wrong business!
  11. see if you can get the seats added onto finance...they are 750 then fitting which brought them to just over 900 i believe...they are amazing, have them in my current aygo...and yeah its not a talked about option, i just noticed them in another aygo and asked toyota wen i bought my last car...they probably wont offer them which is a shame cos they arent even advertised in the brochure :-S but highly recommend them. they give it a sporty look and are far more comfy and slightly different style :) i will upload pics when i get the car! :D £150 for fitting seats!!!!!!????? That's outrageous its a 10 minute job!!!!
  12. Cheers Kingo! Just purchased a set of Eagle F1's...wish I'd known!
  13. Congrats! I love the white ones Any future plans?
  14. Mine went a while back but the chap fitting new tyres for me noticed and re-aligned them for free, didn't take long either but I reckon a spring compressor would come in handy! £70 seems expensive to me!
  15. as long as you fit them and get them alighned by a garage and dont go too blue you will be ok.... removing seats with air bags in them will fail the mot in the next few months too.....(well the airbag warning light is coming in to test) This topic is about fitting xenon HID's and nothing to do with side impact airbags... ?
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