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  1. all mkiv's have a huge can of lynx africa stored in the glovebox.. i'd start there.
  2. she hangs out on the owners club.. www.mkiiisupra.net
  3. adi

    Speed Limiter

    one thing? the autobox :D besides, its the whole idea of people suggesting that all you do is bung a mechanical converter on the cable and all's well.. it isnt as simple as that. The speed signal is used on a lot of ECU functions.
  4. adi

    Speed Limiter

    yeah but it screws up the cars entire speed signal, causing other problems. shame on you charlie
  5. not quite right.. the gearbox will do what you say regardless of whether the car is in manu mode or not. The only real advantage to using 'manu' is to launch in second gear instead of first. Ie press the manu button in and put the stickshift into 2, and the car will move off in second rather than first. Its useful in snowy or slippy situations. It will also lock the gears when towing etc preventing automatic shift up and down, and change the lockup points on the torque converter , somehow. It can be overridden by planting your foot right back though, as a safety backup.
  6. possibly at the midlands meet.. although i dont tend to go to many if havent got the supra :D
  7. i'm just down the A38, not actually in derby.. nearer burton.. but i'd happily pop over tomorrow/sunday if you want. Like i say, i'm no mechanic or tuner.. but i know what a misfire/igntion problem or fuel cut feel like on these particular engines... and i know most things about them.. :D I wont be in mine though.. its off the road over winter.
  8. First off.. i'm in derby.. i'd happily pop over and take a look as i know the JZA70 inside out. I've owned one for five years, (and i started/run the owners club, but we'll keep that quiet :D ).. i'm the first to say i'm not a mechanic but i know exactly how the engines should feel, what they suffer from, what goes wrong with them and what mods will have been done or not done. when these cars first start to hit fuel cut after an ECU reset or battery disconnection , it wont be a complete cut off, but a mild cut off whilst the ECU tries to suss out whats going on. You'll also get past the standard cut off point. Eventually, as the ECU learns a bit more it will cut it dead. You could be experiencing that.. but your 'burbling' sounds like ignition retardation to me (especially since you're almost certainly running 5psi under the boost cut level unless your car has some mods).. This means your TPS (throttle sensor) could be out or other similar problem. A word of advice though.. DONT take it to a garage.. DONT take it to a toyota dealership.. and DONT take it to a mate who's handy with a spanner. Take it to a specialist who knows what they're doing. Being in derby your best bet would probably be thor engineering in Warwickshire. As for mods.. getting around 320bhp is easy enough with a full free exhaust. BUT, nobody makes them for turbo back 1JZ's.. so its either a custom fit or a bodged 3.0 exhaust. BEWARE THOUGH!!!!! freeing up the backpressure by fitting a freeflow exhaust regularly causes turbo seals to blow. And you definitely dont want that. After that, modding is difficult, and expensive. It basically involves replacement turbo/s, replacement injectors, map sensor, replacement fuel pump and FPR and replacement ECU... plus a good tune up :D Budget around 3-4k. PS the owners club is at www.forum.mkiiisupra.net
  9. personally. i like it.. and i'd be tempted myself. I quite like the colour, if it has been done well. Leeky , would you really get a MINT original paintwork example for £1200? Times have changed then.. i thought they'd be nearer 2.5k for a mint example.
  10. theres a domain propogation delay.. meaning some people arent seeing the site... but its mainly righted itself now. If you're using AOL< try using internet explorer rather than AOL browser..
  11. yep here you go... linky
  12. you mean the panel under the window? Tara ( i think its tara anyway) at www.forum.mkiiisupra.net is selling them.
  13. rust isnt really a problem on 92 cars.. they cured it by then. oh.. the owners club is at www.forum.mkiiisupra.net ... plenty of info on there...
  14. umm those bottles arent even plumbed in are they?
  15. adi

    My Supra

    says the man with the altezza lights... the height of good taste on cars. personally, i like it.. like the colour..love the kit.. is it a bomex? A lot of mkiv's bodykits (most in fact) go over the top and it ends up looking like the batmobile.. that one is subtle, not too in yer face.. Dont go black.. stay a bit different...
  16. okay not to worry :D To be honest i like the auto, but the slow launch annoys me... Manual conversion can be done on these for about £300.. lot of work though.
  17. Its an auto, and i think more than what you're prepared to pay... Dont be put off by autos, they are generally only shunned by people who have never driven a decent one. There is SOOOOOO much more to an auto than push and go... http://www.forum.mkiiisupra.net/showthread.php?t=13513 But is in excellent condition, comes with a spare engine (which i was going to do up but never bothered), it has 2 grands worth of turbo technics hybrids on it, and is one of the last mk3's (K reg), top spec model, with rare pearl white paint option. Its a bit of a rareity. Oh, and its got a shiny engine bay :D
  18. but the wire wont get hot, cause the fuse blows first !
  19. yeah but you'd own a SCOOBY !! beside which i think you'll find the supra will leave a scooby no problem in the higher figures.
  20. It's cam float apparently :D not a knock .. Anyway, if this car had been regularly serviced, and well maintained, i dont think it'd be £550. £550 cars are just that. I wouldnt expect to get a well maintained, reliable, good condtion car of ANY type for £550, let alone a supe. A runaround, yes. Still , we havent seen it.. so who knows... hope its a good un.
  21. adi

    Omg Supra

    Now Now Adi, anyone would think you were not a mkiv fan ;) :D i think the mkiv is a great looking car.. i just wish someone would come up with a decent headlight conversion kit..
  22. adi

    Omg Supra

    what? no mention of the 'sea monkey starter tank' headlights? the 12v upgrade is abit dodgy if you crash as well.. at least it is on the 1J...
  23. manual mk2's are fairly common.. its the autos that re hard to find ! fun fun fun.. rust rust rust.... a much better car than the mk3 in my opinion.. although it has been 12 years since i owned one..
  24. reset the ECU first and see if the code goes.. it may have stored the code and you're seeing a repeat of it. To reset the ECU, either pull the EFI (? not sure on avensis) or disconnect the battery for a minute or two...
  25. hmmmm a car that can potentially cost hundreds to repair, with 155,000 on the clock, for the price of a runaround fiesta.. no, i wouldnt buy it, as i'm guessing 500-700 is about your budget? That leaves you nothing for sorting out any potential problems... MOT or not MOT, these things can be expensive to maintain. 155000 is a LOT of miles, even for a 16 year old supe.
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