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  1. If there was a way to magic up 20 hp just from a resistor (or anything relatively cost effective), do you really think toyota wouldn't have fitted it at the factory? Well I have a Import which is a 3s-fe and if I want more speed from my car I will sell it and get a GT4. I am not fitting anything to mine, which has a TRD panel filter and that's it. However the reasoned discussion is I think missing. Would MrT not fit said capacitors hmm. You get chips to de-restrict imports that are set up that way by MrT. While I am not saying the particular chip I pointed out work we can all accept the simple fuel mapping ecu programme in the 3s-fe set up. Are you saying this can't be remapped to deliver better performance. Given modern tecnology how much would you expect to pay for such a simple chip? The theory is sound, you add more fuel and adcance the timing, that will give you slightly more power, no question. It will also do nothing for your fule economy but as said the theory is sound even if you do not agree with it's application. It's like the magnets that strap to the fuel line. I would agree they are rubbish but it is scientifically proven that they increase the efficency of the fuel by positively charging the atoms in the cellular make up of the fuel. You cant argue with that just that the weight of the magnets reduce any real gain. It's only a fiver try it and let us know what you think? IT IS NOT A CHIP! It's a variable resistor - just like you can buy from maplins for a quid. All it does is tell your ECU that the air temp is colder than it really is, so it chucks more fuel at your engine AND YOUR MPG GOES DOWN. More fuel does not mean more power - you need more AIR AND FUEL to make more power. Bearing in mind these engines already run rich when it counts - this resistor bodge will just cause more unburnt fuel to pass through your engine and come straight out of your exhaust. And the magnets on the fuel line thing is b :censor: ks as well! If you think the stock ECU is not optimal enough the best upgrade is an E-Manage piggyback, but it needs to be set up on a rolling road by someone who knows what they are doing. And that will cost you more than a fiver.
  2. If there was a way to magic up 20 hp just from a resistor (or anything relatively cost effective), do you really think toyota wouldn't have fitted it at the factory?
  3. No, I took them to a local powder coating place. Dipped, blasted, and powder coated in any colour you like for £120.
  4. You need to consider offset and centre spigot size as well as stud pattern. But yes, the gen 7 alloys will fit the gen 6 (not sure if they clear GT4 calipers though ), and the gen 5 - a la my avatar. :)
  5. I thought Yamaha just designed/engineered them, but they were actually MADE by toyota (just like lotus does development for GM etc)? And my engine actually says 'Yamaha' on the cam cover.
  6. It's the tossers that leave a sprinkler running on their lawn all summer that ruin it for everyone. The bloke across the road from me leaves his sprinkler running from May to September, all night you can hear it - click, click, click, click, click. I'm sure with all these 10's of thousands of new houses that the govt. want to see built in the SE, adequate provisions for water supplies have been made...
  7. That graph is slightly misleading though - neither y axis starts at zero. Look at the figures in context, 19 deaths per 100,000. That's must be lower than the number that are killed through alcohol realted violence, suicide, and lots of other causes. Note that the death figures (presumably) include unlicenced drivers and scooters - who else is driving at the age of 16? I'd say part of it is due to cars feeling safer, making people more complacent, and the whole detachment from the road thing makes cars feel slower than they used to. Although the number of licences issued to youngsters has gone down, it seems that many of the ones that do drive, are the kids with well off parents who buy them (relatively) decent cars. When I learnt to drive (not that long ago), most of my friends were driving beat up old things - partly because it was the only way to get insurance at a resonable price. Now insurance seems to be expensive for a young driver whatever car they are driving, so they might as well choose a newer, faster car. On top of all that, could it be that the roads are actually a more dangerous place for the uninitated. Driving styles in the country are so aggressive, and most new drivers are on a rapid learning curve to cope with it. The figures don't say how many of those 19 deaths are actually caused entirely by the young driver, perhaps it's all the other, more experienced idiots on the roads that are partly responsible?
  8. Is it missfiring? It sounds like an ignition or fuel injector problem to me. Idle speed is under closed loop control of the ECU, so the only way it can be low is something outside of it's control.
  9. It won't match a gt4 - take a look at the torque figures and power curves. Most people don't know what they are, which doesn't help them maintain their value as much as the 'GT4' badge does. I didn't realise they only come in white though, can anyone confirm?
  10. P/X your celica for an EVO? :!Removed!: A 1.8 N/A is never going to compete with a 2L turbo. Messing with intakes/exhausts/chips won't make a noticable difference. The only (possible) worthwhile thing would be a decat - but don't expect more than 5 hp. The TS is not really suitable for forced induction either - if you want to go down that route, you're probably better off starting with a 140. It might be best to just accept that the 190 is a very highly tuned engine straight from the factory, and there's not much room for improvement.
  11. It looks very similar to the celica's lights: I'm sure Rogue would know if they can be made to fit a gen 5.
  12. It's easy to prove you wrong mate! :P Take a look at the Rogue MR2 quad lights (Rev 6 or whatever they call them). I'm not sure, but I think they can be made to fit a gen 5 celica with a bit of work???
  13. What do you want to achieve? Cosmetic changes, or improved lighting? Simple thing to do is get some high wattage H4 bulbs. Beyond that HID conversions for H4 headlights are available, but are expensive. And bear in mind that you need to do dipped and main beam from one bulb (which most HIDs can't do).
  14. I live in a village, and we've allegedly got five 'community' beat officers, who ride around on pushbikes. The only time I've ever seen one, was when he was stood on the pavement pointing a laser gun at passing cars. :ffs: Last year on a freezing cold january night, I got pulled over at 2:30am because one of my headlights was out. It was working when I left the house that morning, so I know it had only just gone. He asked if I had a spare bulb to replace it there and then. I said no, because there was no way I was going to strip down the headlight to change the bulb by the side of the road in those conditions. I got a rectification notice and had to pay an MOT centre to confirm that I had changed the bulb. :ffs: The stupidest part was they asked where I had been that night, when I told them I was in a bar, they didn't even ask if I'd had a drink or breathalise me! It's obvious why they want everyone's numberplates to conform exactly though - so all their numberplate recognition cameras can pick them up properly. Soon they will be everywhere, charging us every time we use a motorway. :ffs:
  15. As with any relatively high powered FWD car, the celica will understeer into the nearest field if you try to accelerate hard mid corner. But (like most FWD cars) they are specifically engineered to keep the back end stable, so the car generally understeers. An oversteery FWD car is an accident waiting to happen for most drivers - the natural instinct is to lift off the accelerator when you feel the back of the car start to slide, but this is the worst thing you can do, as it just makes the front grip harder and the back give way completely. You actually have to accelerate out of the slide, which takes some practice to go against the natural instinct. The fastest way through a corner in a FWD car is to go in fast gently lifting off the throttle to keep the front tucked in and the back near the limit, then balance the car on the throttle. Not that I recommend you practice this on public roads of course.
  16. I've already found them! I'm amazed at how easily the 2WD gen6 spins out on corners when it's the slightest bit wet. Even with tyres in good nick and inflated to the right pressure, there are a couple of bends on my drive into work where I have to be really careful. One day last week when it was bucketing down, I came round one of them at about 30 and the car span round 540 degrees! Admittedly, it's a really tight bend on a crappy country road, but even so I ended up facing the wrong way, on the wrong side of the road, which was a little disconcerting. Lucky for me, there was no traffic behind or in front and I didn't come off the tarmac. Scary all the same... :o If anyone's interested, go to googlemaps.com and enter 53°23'57.93"N, 2°22'48.03"W to see the bend in all it's glory. Satellite view is best. Cheers, Tarby Assuming your car is in good order (tracking, tyres, suspension etc), you would have to do something really crazy to spin a celica. They are designed to be very understeery for stability reasons. I have to really provoke it to get the back end to break traction - like lifting off sharply right in the middle of a sweeping corner in the wet.
  17. I think they just play the import card, and most insurance companies probably class all import gen 6 celicas as the same (obviously, not inluding the GT4). It may not make any difference between a lowly SS1 and a beams SS3!
  18. Mate, they are nuts over here! Some insurance companies do 'random' inspections on people's cars when they take out new policies/renew - just to check that it's not got any undeclared mods. If you make a claim, the first thing they do is send out an expert to check over your car for mods (anything at all). I've even heard of people buying brand new cars with optional extra alloy wheels, and being told (when they try to claim), that their insurance is invalid for not declaring the wheels. And to top it all off, they won't even pay out for the mods if you make a claim! :( I've even heard of the police making notes of people's mods and contacting their insurance company to check that they are declared!
  19. If an aftermarket air filter is capable of improving performance (in terms of power, lets not even think about filtration performance), then it will only make any difference at full throttle and high RPM. An N/A engine sucks in air through the inlet system. Whenever the throttle is not fully open it is doing exactly what it says - throttling the engine by placing a (variable) restriction in the intake. Now an air filter is a restriction in just the same way (abeit a very small one). But the engine can't tell the difference between where the restriction is made, to all intents and purposes it's the same effect. So, if an aftermarket air filter offers a reduced restriction, you will get the same amount of air drawn in, but with a very slightly smaller throttle opening. Ultimately, the same amount of air is entering the engine, which requires the same amount of fuel, which makes the same power output. With regards to RPM, well peak torque is at 4800 rpm with these engines. This is where volumetric efficiency (i.e. 'breathing'), is at it's maximum. At 4800 rpm the engine is drawing in 4800 litres of air per minute. If the filter is capable of sustaining that air flow without significant pressure drop (which it must be as peak VE is very high in these engines - a sign of good engineering), then at 1500 rpm it's only drawing in a 1/3rd as much air, so the pressure drop across the filter will be (~) 1/3rd of what it was at peak torque - i.e. immaterial. Above 4500 rpm it could be claimed that the filter creates an increased restriction. But VE is still very high right up to peak power (7k rpm). Restrictions are likely to be caused by other parts of the intake and exhaust systems (mainly ports and valves). So if an air filter is going to make any difference, it's going to be under full throttle, high RPM conditions - where you might get a bit more power. But all the rest of the time it will make FA difference, and certainly won't affect fuel consumption either way.
  20. mikeb

    Fuel Economy

    The only way you can work it out accurately is to brim the tank, record your mileage. Then next time you fill up, brim it again and see how many miles you have done. Quoting miles per £ of petrol is not much help - you have to factor in the cost of the fuel. The orange light comes on at slightly different levels in each car. Mine comes on when I still have around 15 litres left in the tank. Like I said earlier, don't expect more than 20 mpg from urban driving. :(
  21. It's right for everyone else (those who have set it up anyway). Go into 'my controls' -> board options and tick DST. ;)
  22. mikeb

    Fuel Economy

    Depends on your driving style and journey types. Short town journeys can be as low as 17 mpg, steady motorway cruise could be high 30's. Air temp also affects mpg, you will ususally find that you get worse fuel consumption in winter.
  23. Ah sorry, didn't realise it was an import (i.e. SS1). But no, they made the the 3s-fe and 3s-ge celica alongside each other, and sold the 3s-fe SS1 as the low spec model in japan - kind of like the equivalent of the ST/GT specs in the UK. (God only knows why they gave us the 1.8 7a-fe, and not the 2.0 3s-fe over here. )
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