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  1. Hi all, just wondering . . What with the new 1.2 litre turbocharged petrol engine being launched in the 2015 Auris, I'm wondering if anyone within Toyota can shed any light on if they'll be putting this engine into the Yaris range? I'm really eager to try one!
  2. Hi dins1, I have a 2008 1.3 (2SZ-FE) and I absolutely love it! First (and not the last) brand new car I've ever got and I never want to trade it in. Drives like a dream, had minimal parts changed (the dealer wanted to replace the water pump on the fourth service though), great on fuel, can cruise all day at low revs - 30mph in 5th gear at ease - then take off when it's 'hammertime'. And mine's never used a drop of oil. I also have a 2010 1.33 (1NR-FE) and must admit, in comparison with the 1.3, the 1.33 engine feels WEAKER. Although it pulls well, as Figgis says, you really need to rev it on
  3. Hi Phil100 What sort of driving do you do in your Auris? And how many days do you use the car? I have a 60 reg Yaris TR with the same 1.33 engine which I use as a driving school car 6-7 days a week and my Stop/Start has always worked fine. The car gets a LOT of miles so in that the battery gets a lot of charging from the alternator - just a thought as low use could mean that your battery isn't getting the charge to trigger the Stop/Start system, or that something else could be draining it's power, like while it's parked up locked. On the odd occasion, mine doesn't kick in but after a few
  4. Have you thought about a Terraclean service? It could be an excessive carbon build up inside the engine or even the catalytic converter. Terraclean can sort that out so may be worth a try?
  5. Has your issue with the Stop/Start system been looked at and diagnosed? On mine (2010 TR), if you stall it, you get all the warning lights on for check engine etc. I have never experienced the display to go black or anything, nor have I experienced issues with this system. I could only think 'battery' but if there were issues with battery voltage, the Stop/Start system would not kick in and stop the engine. Could be a loose terminal or something.
  6. Adam C

    Cooling Fan.

    On both of my mk 2s, the cooling fan runs with the a/c on when I've been stationery for a while, especially on warm or humid days. Noticed in the learner car that it's fired up as soon as I've activated the a/c. It'll just be to keep the system blowing cold. I first wondered about it until the other car did that too. Great to hear the cooling fan as I otherwise never hear it come on unless I'm in bad traffic. Hope this helps
  7. Happy Birthday Adam C!

  8. Oh very much so, Alec. Toyota through and through, these are my 3rd and 4th cars (2nd and 3rd Yarises; 1st Toyota was my nana's Starlet but 1st Yaris - a 56 reg 1.3 T3 - was oddly a bit of a lemon). I kept imagining what if I moved away to say, Dundee (where my grandma used to live and where I spent weeks every year of my childhood), I'd hire a pick-up truck or something to transport both cars with me. Much prefer Gen2 cars to the current Gen3s (although a 14 reg 1 litre Edition impressed me, it's just too different). Driven quite a few as courtesy cars now. The only one I haven't tried is the
  9. Hi everyone, hope you're all well & still loving your Yarises. For a while I've been seeing posts on my Facebook from two people who travel around the north east performing Terraclean treatments on customer's cars to restore original performance & totally decarbon the engine's internals. Nearly everyone (some petrol but mostly diesel owners) reply to them gloating about just how much better their cars feel afterwards. I'm just wondering if any of you have had this done to your cars and if you have, how much better do your cars feel? Slightly tempted to give it a try on both of mine n
  10. I've driven as far as Aberdeen (from Peterlee in County Durham) before, and Glasgow in one of two Scottish road trips in 2009. Just recently been up again (in each of the three road trips we spent three nights in a Premier Inn at Dundee - each time drove right into the heart of Glasgow). Next year on the Summer Solstice, I want to recreate the drive Clarkson did on Top Gear, racing God from Lands' End to Lowestoft. Been itching to do that since I saw that episode. These cars are great, comfy little things. Both my Gen2 Yarises are impeccably comfortable on long cruises. They're even good sitti
  11. Hi all, hope you're well & loving your cars like me. Just wondering . . my 60 reg Yaris TR 1.33 has an MP3/AUX socket to connect MP3 devices to the stereo. I'd love to know where I could get another socket kit to fit to my 58 reg Yaris TR 1.3. Also would one be compatible with the 2006-2008 spec Yaris stereos? I've found a Toyota manual to fit one . .
  12. Well I'm happy to report that the silicone-based lubricant spray worked wonders on my 58 reg Yaris's boot button. Cheers once again peeps!
  13. Just changed the headlight bulb on my 58 reg car. Very tight space but didn't have to remove anything
  14. Thank you people! I have some silicone-based sprays to lubricate my bike's chain, will give one a go when I get a moment & report back to you all. Happy Yaris motoring!
  15. Hi guys, didn't see this when I searched so here it goes . . One my 58 reg car, when you press the button on the hatchback to open it, the button sticks in so you have to wriggle it about to get it to spring back out again. I tried it earlier whilst the hatchback was open and it never springs back. In contrast, the 60 reg car's always does - handy with it being the learner car as I have a topsign that goes on the roof on lessons. Has anyone else had this before, and what's the best way to lubricate it?
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