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  1. On the plus side the squeal is nowhere near as bad as the belt slip on a work colleague's 58 reg Suzuki Swift - that thing can burst eardrums!
  2. Thanks for your replies people, appreciated. Was out in the 58 reg car today, the belt was squealing for ages. After a while I had a little look at it. With the engine off I ran my finger over one of the pulleys. My finger was blackened so wondering . . do I try to just clean the pulleys for now, do that and replace the belt, or simply put the car into the garage for a new belt fitment? The vehicle is covered under extended warranty so considering calling the garage in the morning, although the service booklet states that most aux. belts are changed every six years/60,000 miles. Gonna inspect the belt again in the morning to help make up my mind here, but it's looking like a new belt's going on . .
  3. Hi all, just a quick one . . Got a bit of a squealy belt on my 1.3 TR on start-up. The garage have adjusted the tension but it came back. I've heard loosely that there's a spray (not WD-40) you can get as a way of coating or lubricating the belt, thus (hopefully) wiping out the squeal. Any ideas? Had a quick trip to Halfords but nothing stood out . .
  4. Half of the reviews of Toyotas (barring the GT86 as everyone loves it - even Clarkson!) ALWAYS slate the cars and prefer the German motors, Fords & Vauxhalls. Because everyone desires a Fiesta, Polo & Corsa, right? One reason I got a Yaris years ago (had considered a Grande Punto) is because I love the styling, inside & out. With the other cars the dashboards & centre consoles are there purely for function & look too plain and boring, bog standard. In the mk 2 Yaris it actually looks a great car to be in plus it's functional - I always have to show off the three glove boxes. All the journos slating Toyotas just really annoys me but then again these are the guys that are more interested in certain badges. When it comes to having to drive a Toyota, they frown, probably take it around the corner once then it's done & dusted. Fortunately us lot see through the mist that they create (and the offers of this, that, the other on them) because we know what cars we want - the quality ones.
  5. I actually have both (mk 2 with 1.3 and 1.33) so could offer help here . . I'd say both are really good, I love them both. Though for me the older 1.3 is probably the more responsive - sometimes you have to work the 1.33, and also the 1.33 has an EGR valve so when you change from 1st to 2nd, you have to take your foot off the accelerator that fraction early as the engine will over-rev a little. In general it's harder to make smooth gear changes in the 1.33 but it is quieter. Engine note is almost silent in 6th. Low-down torque is impressive but now and again you won't feel it, but a little extra squeeze on the accelerator will provoke it. Even on a cruise at 50mph it pulled well up a hill in 6th. Also there's the Stop/Start which for the new model & Verso-S was removed, I think they should've kept it as I like using it. Quite a feeling when you reach journey's end and the engine goes off before you even touch the key! My 1.33 is a 2010 so also has the analog dash with everything backlit in amber (the ventilation controls are too with the lights on). As for the 1.3, despite that originating from the original Yaris, it suits the mk 2 almost perfectly if you ask me. The clutch is heavier (at least in the three I've driven) but the gearchanges are smoother. There's more torque on idle so I find at times I can park on just the clutch. Acceleration from both is good, and to be honest not as big a difference in fuel economy as paper suggests, I'm able to regularly get 50mpg out of both, I'm usually light-footed & stick to speed limits. Yes there's a massive jump in road tax, but I reckon they're not that massively different. So whichever you choose will be a great car
  6. Could be worth it. Would probably take the oil longer to get up to temperature though
  7. I've owned a Yaris TR with the same Stop/Start system fitted for a month & a half now. The system always kicked in whenever I stopped. But then when I had dual controls fitted (using the car as a driving school vehicle), the guy had to remove the battery. Once it was fitted again the car was a bit erratic & Stop/Start would never kick in. I was gonna take it back to the dealer for a check but it settled down & got back to normal. Now Stop/Start always kicks in when I stop, now used to the engine going off before I take out the key. Even try to modify my stops by whacking it into neutral & raise the clutch up either as or before I get the car stationery. What I'd say here to the OP is that the system isn't faulty and I'm sure it will function properly. From what a salesman told me when I was invited to try out a new Yaris, they removed the Stop/Start as not many customers were using it so they couldn't justify the cost of fitting it. Bad move I feel as everyone else (barring Honda & Mazda as far as I'm aware) fit Stop/Start to more of their range. Do new Aurises, iQ3s & Urban Cruiser 1.33s still have it?
  8. Brilliant, thank you for your reply Madasafish, much appreciated. My plan for Sunday, should it be dry
  9. Hi everyone My 2008 TR has rust taking over the rear drums and is ruining the look of the car. I am thinking of painting them black again but wondering if anyone's done this before, which would be the best way? Someone at work mentioned removing them and rubbing down with a wire brush or something. But then which paint is best - spray or pot & brush?
  10. Adam C

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    Does the new Yaris D-4D have a DPF fitted now? I'm sure the old one didn't. Had a look at the brochure for a Mazda 2 and their diesel has one
  11. I wouldn't have thought that would work to be fair; when I was little & my dad had a Proton, you could see the sump clearly under the front of it (the bumper didn't come down too low or had no skirt). I once said to him that it would be good for oil cooling but he claimed it wouldn't make any difference. Suprised Toyota didn't fit an oil cooler as such for a possible short-term fix . .
  12. Hi all I'm on my third of these Yarises now, got a 60 plate TR 1.33 alongside my 58 reg TR 1.3 (the newer car is for my instructor business) and I've not long noticed that this car has the old steering issue that my other car - plus a troublesome 2006 T3 I used to have - had. As you turn the wheel left or right you get quite a few clicks in it which are quite audible and now I'm finding them annoying. On the T3 and the 58 reg car I've had the steering box changed under warranty, it's looking like I'll be getting the same done to this car too. But it's got me wondering, does anyone else have this same issue? I don't dry-steer or anything like that. I'm wondering though, is there any DIY work that can be done, such as lubricate the steering linkages that I can reach? Other than these, the TRs are fab
  13. From what I gather with the Stop/Start system it won't cut out when the aircon is on; other things that'll vary the lengh that the engine is off for (if it goes off at all) is battery charge level and also I presume how many auxiliary systems such as lights, wipers etc, are on. I'll be getting one really soon so will have a little play with it
  14. I'd say have a look at those things in Halfords which say what ones are best but I found four years ago that they had the wrong sizes for the wipers. Seemed spot-on when I got a set of Bosch 'plugs for my old Starlet back in 2005 though. I've heard good things about NGK spark plugs, they'll probably outlive the car! As with Lorna2, these days I let the garage do the work although once I found a bolt missing that holds the spark plug wiring down near the dipstick . .
  15. Strange . . what gear is these misfires occurring in? How much fuel is left when the misfires happen? Do the cars get treated to some hard acceleration from time to time? Very wierd problem
  16. Looking good Lorna2, must say I'm warming to the new cars at last. Though I STILL prefer the second generation (XP90 according to Wikipedia) car. What engine have you opted for?
  17. I'm wondering . . . when did they stop advising to put a small amount of unleaded in during winter time? Would that have controlled the build-up of carbon soot in the EGR valve and inlet manifold/throttle body etc? And did they fit EGR valves before the introduction of winter diesel? Apologies for so many questions
  18. I thought they were just changing the engines? Ormi posted pics on one of the forums - possibly this one or the RAV4 one; this engine is used by four different Toyotas & a Lexus - stating that you can't just change the gasket on these engines as the block & head are often scored from gasket shuffle & cannot be skimmed. In most cases that I've read on these forums, they remove the engines and bolt a new one in, sending the damaged motors back to Toyota
  19. My Yaris was recently given its 4th service (1.3 VVT-i) and they told me there was a slight leak from . . the water pump! I'm dropping it off tomorrow afternoon for it to have this repaired on Thursday morning (I work early Thursday morning). I've had to wait almost two weeks; tried to bring it forward but no can do as I'm requiring a courtesy car. They then told me it's only a 'weep'. I took out the extended warranty last year. Fortunately it hasn't been using up any coolant but as I can't find signs of a leak, I can't tell myself how bad it really is. What the heck is up with Toyota water pumps?!?! My nana's old R reg Starlet has never had any bother with leaks . .
  20. That won't be a problem my friend, will PM you
  21. I'd like to declare I'm interested in such a device for my TR ('08), looks like a good idea though shame about the partners handbags catching it.
  22. Well there was a road leading to my former girlfriend's home village that was resurfaced with Durham County Council's favoured outside-of-Durham asphalt treatment - spray stones onto sticky tar. Worst idea ever! Got a few chips from that. I do keep my distance though so must be unlucky. Also the A184 heading into Gateshead was breaking up and . . yep, a stone hit the 'screen. I see what you mean acetip, I believe my first stone chip came from a lorry that was a few seconds up the road but I couldn't see it coming, also the chip was behind the interior mirror.
  23. Hi all, just thought I'd see if the Yaris is a common car for stone chips on the windscreens. Mine certainly is, it's almost like the one stone a car infront chucks up is targeting my screen! Had the menders (insurance sent out National Windscreens each time until the last which was Auto Windscreens) out no fewer than five times - twice they had two to repair. The silver 56 reg T3 I owned for 15 months prior to my TR never picked up a chip, neither did the Starlet I drove first, just this one seems unlucky. Anyone else got any experience of picking up these annoying blighters? Have any of you needed a new 'screen completely?
  24. Can't argue with that price they offered to repair it for, but I agree it is such a short time for a wheel bearing to last. Must've been an odd batch or something. Had my offside rear changed two years ago after it went Pete Tong though obviously at that time it was still under warranty. My car is also a 2008 model - is yours a 58 reg TR by any chance?
  25. That looks nasty. Fortunately it seems to be very rare. Is the car still under warranty? Any progress in getting it sorted?