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  1. Hi all, new member here and first post. I own a 3 door Yaris TR 1.3 58 reg in Decuma Grey. Absolutely brilliant car, never had any problems with it. Though earlier tonight when driving I switched the aircon on to keep the car demisted, but noticed a strange noise, sounded like a gas leak sort of hissing which went off when I depressed the A/C button again. I also noticed, when freewheeling and also when stationery, the engine never relaxed back to normal idle and did not hear the compressor click off. I'm hoping it is that the aircon system might need regassing. Least unlike my previous Yaris the aircon works. Its second service is almost due (by mileage terms, it is just under 20,000) so may be in the garage soon. Anyone got any ideas what it could be? A problem or just that it may need regassing?