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  1. Ok I have done a tappet cover gasket, Now there is 2 solenoid,s on top of the tappet cover at the back. Now I did mark where two of the hoses went but it has seemed to rub off. So there is a diaphram with two male ends on it. One is lower than the other. Now which vacuum hose goes to what? Does the orange one go to bottom or top?
  2. surf kzn130 3.0ltr 1995 ,, i have oil in turbo pipes breather pipes ect,, but still drives ok can any one help not done any thing like this before ,, tappet cover breather pipe full of oil ,,,,
  3. try ebay loads of surf ,s on there being broke for parts , hope this helps
  4. hi there is an wire that is on the bar near the g/plugs check that because it gets heat damaged give it a good clean i had the same problem on my surf , now it starts great
  5. hi all hilux surf ssrx 1995 3.0 td ,, i seem to be losing oil from engine it drips down front off engine near cam belt is this the crank shaft seal if so is it a big job to do ,, and can any one post me some pics of it thanks every one
  6. hi does the rear motor come of on its own or is it the whole mechanism ,, i,ve never done one before so its going to trail and error ,,lol
  7. hi ,, having problems with rear window on my 1995 surf rear window is stuck in the up position,,,, i have heard that other toyota electric window motors fit the surf does any one no if this is true and if so whitch one ??? because the price of surf one is stupid ,,, all help is greatfull ,,, thanks
  8. hi the surf has been recalled for the steering rod extension box ,, so i would check to see if yours has been recalled if not contact toyota mine is going in on the 26th april 2010 it,s worth checking it out thanks
  9. hi mate you want to check the crank shaft seal ,, you can check by looking near the timing belt cover look round the front of the engine for oil stains and check if theres any oil drips down the back of the engine on to the gear box ,,, can be very expensive to repair ,,, and just look every were you can under the truck for oil drip leaks etc ,, and just check all oil levels engine ,,geaerbox etc the 3.0 ltr is the better engine , do,nt be put off by surf having c/head done , just check how long ago it was done and how many miles it,s done since the head was replaced ,, hope this helps thanks
  10. bobbie345


    hi all any one got a hilux surf for sale not to far from manchester must have tax and mot 3.0 td price around £2000/£2500 must be good condition and run great get back to me thanks
  11. hi does sound like your matrix or may be your thermostat , leave engine running and take rad cap off for a bit ,, but i think your thermostat needs replacing ,, you can check buy removing it and putting it in a bowl of boiling hot water if thermostat does not open it needs replacing hope this helps
  12. hi mate yh had a good read of that very use full thanks ,,,,how cani tell if EGR is stuck closed ?
  13. thanks ,, for all your help ,, but i was told it was the smaller type valve next to it ??? next to the egr valve there is a smaller looking egr valve ?? what is it does any one no ,, ,, i have pipes missing from it ??
  14. hi all looking for a bit of local help gone to block off egr valve but there are pipes not in the right place ,, and pipes missing from servo ,, please can some help ,, i live in manchester a few miles from middleton ,, if any one can show me whats going on with this it will mean the world to me thanks