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  1. Hi Looking to put a body kit on my t sport Can any body give me any contact details of where I can get a good body kit? Thanks paul
  2. is there any fix, trying to attach a image but no luck
  3. Hi, Have my corolla T sport for about 10 weeks now, but I have noticd that the dash has moved, there is a gap between the radio and center controls, and a small gap over the radio. There was a car kit installed, so is it a fault or was it because some butcher installed the car kit? Its a 2001 T sport
  4. Thats great help about the lights, I was told by my dealer that it wasn't reconised as a problem, wait till i ring himm up with this info! Can you email mail me the full details Thanks pdurcan@eircom.net
  5. Thanks for the help lads, i'll see if my dealer will do anything. keep u posted.
  6. I have my T sport for about 6 weeks now and there is a few problems! I had a sweak going on when i lifted my foot off the clutch and accelerated between 2 - 3 K . I have gone back to the garrage and they have found it to be a engine mount. When I am driving along at night, lights on! the lights dip, dash, head lights etc, its as if the car was losing power to the battery. The toyota garrage has said they had another t sport the same but toyota will not reconise it as warrenty issue. The front lights also get some moisture built up in them, but toyota says if the moisture clears after 10 /15 min then it is not a warrenty issue. My last 2 cars were corolla and i never had any problems like this, (a 1.3 GLi 1993, 1.8 Gxi 1994) Any body else have these problems Thanks Paul
  7. I am going to my garage on friday will post out what they find out!
  8. After getting a dealer in Meath who does them for 60 euro (incl vat). What price are they in the UK? Will have to get a set of the aluimium pedals next............
  9. I'm afraid that the irish car market is a bit of a joke, I am going to the garrage on friday and will ask if they can get them, but i don't think they will. Might hav eto go to Northen Ireland and get them there. The T sport mats look good, can somebody tell me where I could get them on line? or even a Toyota garrage in the UK. Thanks Paul
  10. Hi, Got a T sport a few weeks ago, can't get the oringal (toyota) mats for it. It just has a dealrs set. Anybody know of a on line shop which has them? Thanks
  11. I have a bit of a sweak coming from the engine bay when I change gear and accerate, I was told it sounded like a clutch relise bearing? Any body hear of this? Thanks
  12. some body said to me that it might be the clutch relise bearing, any body here of this before?
  13. I have a 3 door Red,(2001) only have it a few weeks. No mods Dublin Ireland
  14. Hi Just after buying a T sport corolla a few weeks ago. I am getting a sweaking sound when i relise the clutch, it seams only to happen when the car is warmed up a bit. Some times it happends when I apply some trottle, but it goes away when i get up the revs. Any ideas????? Thanks
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