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  1. Happy Birthday msherry21!

  2. Done!! As read in the other threads, just needed to get stuck in and push some bits and pieces out the way. Havn't had to work on a car in ages....actually miss it.
  3. Hi all. My sisters car requires the driver side front Indicator bulb replacing but i can't get access to it at all. Does anyone have any tips or a how to do this? Cheers guys, Michael.
  4. You want to use Glyptone leather cleaner and condtitioner, it does a fantastic job of keeping your leather nourished and soft.
  5. Use a good All purpose cleaner or (APC) to spray over then engine, and use various paint brushes/ tooth brushes etc to work it into all the corner/ grooves etc then you can wipe it off and dress to look new or alternatively wrap all the electrics with freezer bags or tin foil and spray with a watering can or gentle hose spray. easy and looks great! don't forget to do the sills round the engine bay where gunk and leaves get stored! If you need any more help, just shout. cheers, Michael.
  6. I shall be there hopefully guys!! taking the car down to Kidderminster this weekend to get it looked at and up and running properly, so if its done on time then I'll be there with my party hat on!! bring on the booze!!!
  7. Hi all, just thought I'd post this link for a mk3 for sale in Glasgow: http://search.autotrader.co.uk/es-uk/www/c...cleRegLetter=02 Its a car that I recently valeted/ detailed. Its in cracking condition and a great wee car. Honest owner too. Cheers, Michael.
  8. Looks like you guys and gals had an amazing night! Loving the T-shirt Jappy. Very dapper Les. Gorgeous dress Teagan. Hopefully My mk2 will be sorted soon and I'll be back here full time...almost...and joining in all the activities. I really am missing them!! Michael.
  9. Hi Glen welcome to the club. As above really, check the battery or better still just throw in a new one if its been sitting for a year. Check dizzy cap, leads and spark plugs. Is it clicking when you try and turn it over? make sure theres fuel in it, even if the gauge reads there is, it could be stuck or something, its happened to me before. Check all fuses aswell in the cabin, front boot and engine bay. Once thats done, it should tick over, if not, report back. where abouts in Glasgow are you based? . . . .Last but not least........Get some photos up!!!!!!!! Michael.
  10. This whole "living the dream" thing isn't for you Andie. You just keep to your wee sheltered corner, you don't want to have to much fun too soon, that could be dangerous....or do I dare say it..........exciting!! :P
  11. AHOY HOY FOLKS!!!!!! Just spotted this on Davy's MSN, 100% Count me and my other half in on this, not sure whether we'll be there 2 or 3 nights but definately coming!!! The mk2's being put back together just now, so can't wait for more TOC action. Its good to be back! Michael.
  12. I think I'm actually going crazy! I really want the mk2 back on the road and I just don't have the space or time for this one anymore. On another note, we definately need to meet up for a few beers soon dude! I'll check the meet section for you guys and see if I can jump down for one or two, Its been too long.
  13. Hi all, The time has come for me to move on and sell the mk1! I want to get the mk2 up and running again as soon as possible and can't do this due to a lack of space, I also realize that I REALLY don't need two 2 seater cars. These are the latest pictures I have of the car, nothings changed since these were taken and she still looks just as great: I apologise for this photo, my mate took it and obvioulsy mirrored it, hence the harness on the wrong side and the the "Sparco" writing back to front. I am looking for a fixed price of £3500, I feel this is fair due to the amount of work that has gone into the car and the fact that just about every part on the car has been upgraded to new/ better quality parts. For anyone that wishes to know even more about the transplant and other info please see this thread: http://forums.twobrutal.com/showthread.php?t=7240 I also have most of the standard interior trim, 5 original teardrop wheels, a 6psi pulley for the supercharger and various other bits and pieces that will be thrown into the sale. Thanks guys/gals.
  14. With only 3 of us up for this one, is it REALLY worth it?
  15. Yeah, count me in as always. I'm sure I can get some vehicle together in time.
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