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  1. Very sorry but I will not be able to make the JAE this year
  2. if anyone is thinking of getting toyota sat nav tns200 fitted as an option then they may like to consider getting a french/holland toyota dealer to fit the tns300 system instead while they are visiting. The price including fitting was very similar.
  3. my previa was a purchase from oneswoop, the car was sourced from holland. The car is identical to the uk model except that in holland( and other european countries) they(toyota) have stopped supplying the cdrom version tns200 over a year ago, and are supplying the tns300 instead. I understand the options are very similar but it would seem that entering co-ordinates may be a difference. I cannot understand why toyota are still shipping the cdrom unit in the uk except to use up stock already manufactured. Many people in the uk travel around europe and are unlikely to purchase additional cdroms for holiday and ain there not getting the full benifit of the excellent sat nav system. On holiday abroard I find the sat nav system is more use than in the uk especially navigating to hotels in large cities.
  4. I know that this reply is a little late but maybe it will help others. I have a tns300 system. Spent 30 mins trying to set intersection on the 2 roads unsuccesfully. Last resort using the web www.multimap.co.uk enter the postcode I then chose the entry off the roundabout into the toyota works and noted the grid ref provided by multimap 52:52:03N, 1:34:08W I then entered the above grid ref at the 'enter co-ordinates' menu and a route was then obtained. This is not ideal, motorway junctions would be a nice feature.
  5. Just had my Previa serviced 18600 miles and front pads need replacing so 9000 seems a little early however I do a lot of miles on the continent so maybe this is the difference.
  6. on the cdx, the outside temp does not display on the radio, it is displayed on the climate control display. It is shown by pressing the button on the rhs of the climate control. This toggles the temp setting from interior climate setting / outside temp and the display ( long thin display) also displays 'outside' This is similar to the clock, which is shown displaying on the radio lcd, but on this model is displayed again on the lower lcd display. let me know if this helps.
  7. which model previa do you have ? gls, cdx etc
  8. Normal fitting position is under the passenger seat, gps aerial is under the dash, above the glove box
  9. I have a TNS 300 system on my previa, it has basically the same menus and display as the tns200. The main difference is that the data is held on a dvdrom which covers the uk, and most of europe. Its possible to enter a place in france select the ferry post , or tunnel and it will take you all the way there. There is also data on hotels, restaurants etc with phone numbers. This is one of the best features that I have seen. easy to operate, it can remember 200 of your entered destinations, plus about 10 previous. Although the map is small, the voice is excellent as you don't need to look away, especially in towns. Other option of the dvd, it can be set to speak in english, french, german, dutch, spanish etc
  10. tns 300 is the same as the tns200 BUT it uses a dvdrom which includes the whole of europe incl gb, can be configured to speak in many european languages, ie eng, french etc. It knows about ferries etc so you can route from the gb to spain and select the ferry. This option in france costs the same as the tns200 in the uk and gives you sat nav for europe, so no need to buy cdroms for each country when travelling. If you have choice tns200 or 300 then take the tns300. There is another system tns500 which displays detailed maps on a large colour display. Main point here is the cost more than 2k uk pounds
  11. if the radio displays japanese chars for the radio stations then I would agree that the dealer needs to be contacted. However if it is just the navigation system, then have you put a english cdrom in? If so then I would expect to be able to select english as a language, and the sat nav would then show english commands
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