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  1. Anyone know of anyway of describing the part to Toyota as I told them what it is and they said they couldn't find it on the system
  2. Its a fl model. Yea it is a brown module with two vac pipes coming off them one to air filter box one somewhere else I was just unsure if you blank them off or not I didn't want it to cause running problems or bring eml light on
  3. Maybe you could help me then only read the instructions and it's on about removing to vac pipes off the vacuum switching valve then blanking one vacuum pipe off that's on a t piece but do I just leave the vacuum switching valve not blanked off or do I need to As it is a sensor
  4. I purchased the typhoon filter off a lad in derby on eBay Wednesday night he was spot on
  5. Basically I went to collect this part from Toyota and all that come was a single wire, I quoted the part number for it and in the bag I was given was a wire when I was expecting five or five wires and a connector block any help asap please was I meant to say with five wires or not
  6. Any you guys have an idea how to remove the number plate bulb holder to change the bulb, ive had a look and i cant get the holder out. i removed the panel inside the boot but cant see anything
  7. Im after the mirror cover backing the painted bit from the n/s Mr T wanted £65+ vat for it painted but i know they would just use a chips away bloke had a quick look on ebay cant seem to find one, anyone got any idea's or do i have to bite the bullet and get it from Mr T
  8. After a kn typooon or an apexi induction kit for a t sport please thanks
  9. ive been on nengun.com, is that the rite site, and this all the write details ? 508-T029 NA Toyota - Corolla - ZZE122G/ZZE123G/ZZE124G Corolla Sportivo - ZZE123 US $ 139.01 Thanks
  10. Hi im after an air filter for the t sport, ive had a look around and people have kn filters, apexi filters and blitz, whats the best, i know there is a majoirty for kn filters but can someone show me where you could get the apexi onces. Any preferences on any as well thanks
  11. sorry a t sport, havent got round to changing it yet
  12. I brought a new clutch got it fitted aftermarket one from fensport, the clutch plate release bearing etc, now im wondering if you have to set the pressure plate up adjust it or is non adjustable, only reason why im asking is that my clutch pedal biting point it right at the top. thanks
  13. alright okay, well if your interested to come write down dates and we see what day is the best for people, more the merryier
  14. As some of you might remember i went down to my local rolling road place 2 weeks ago. After talking to some lads from work and some other people we are organising a rolling road day for september, it will either be the first saturday or 2nd saturday in September. So far there is 8 of us but we are still waiting to here back off a few people. It was £25 for three runs get a print off or it could be emailed to you, i was told a bbq and the playstation would be on upstairs and drinks on offer. The cars going so far 3 x bmws 1 x golf vr6 1 x c2 vts 1 x t sport 1 x civic type r 1 x transit van ( dont ask a lad from work wants to do it as a joke ) If your interested let me know its a company called Smart Performance approx 10 minutes off junction 10 m42 Located just outside Polesworth
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