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  1. Well boys and girls the experiment is over!!! 1 full can of BG244 and regular shell fuelsave later i can reveal that the BG244 did........ absolutely nothing! I ended up just cleaning the EGR valve with a 5p toothbrush from sainsburys, 2 screwdrivers (one large one small and a teaspoon to scoop out most of the crap. I do have the videos - but there is really no point in me putting them up - there is not even a slight difference in the amount of clogging well at least I can sleep easy knowing my injectors care clean ;) :D If users think it would be useful I will put up the first video on how to take apart the EGR valve for cleaning? But its really quite self explanatory :s Grant.
  2. I chose mostly clean as I am crossing my fingers for the product - plus then I can use it every 7-10k and know that my engine is clean. So I really hope it works! :) Grant.
  3. Hey - I have not tried it yet! I was just checking it WAS clogged before i put the additive in :D I will let you guys know when I have edited the first video and again when I make the second video. Thanks! Grant
  4. OK! I have checked my EGR valve and made the videos the valve was heavily clogged, the central hole was visible and the right hole was open about 5mm. The left hole was completely blocked. I will have the video up as soon as I edit it together, What I want to know is, should I take the car to Toyota to make sure it does not need a new engine? Grant.
  5. Sorry, I don't really understand... Why would I need a new engine? I just bought it approved second hand Toyota from the Toyota dealer. Do you really think I should take it to another dealer first to get it checked out? Scared me a little! @ least i have warranty :D! As per post #2 I will do the test on regular derv. (good idea!) Grant **EDIT** OK I think I understand this now - if my EGR valve is all clogged up, I should take it to a Toyota dealer and ask if the engine needs replaced?
  6. So! I have taken delivery of my 2007 Toyota Auris T180. It has done about 46000 miles and the EGR valve is probably all clogged up! My plan - if you guys think it will be useful is to take a video of the EGR valve dismantling and subsequently its condition then replace it, WITHOUT CLEANING. This sounds silly, but this is where the experiment comes into play! I will then put a can of BG244 into a full tank of V power derv and drive as normal(motorway and rural as well as some urban driving). After the diesel has all been used I will then document the condition of the EGR valve again, noting the difference - if clogged I will clean it too, if not then I know the 244 is doing its job! :D what you guys think? Useful? Grant.
  7. antecedo

    Dpf Removal

    Just bought 2 lovely cans of BG244 ;) Thanks @Mistermena for the CLUB code! :):) +1
  8. antecedo

    Dpf Removal

    Thanks for the info! :D I see they are also offering BG248 - bigger numbers better product no? :) I think 244 will be the one to go for because it's more expensive! :)
  9. antecedo

    Dpf Removal

    where should I buy BG244 from? Gonna order it now ;)
  10. antecedo

    Dpf Removal

    Surely they should sell this information onto the many re-mapping businesses that should be scrambling to get their hands on how they did this! having remapped my old Honda civic 2.2 diesel S type and getting about 192BHP form 133BHP and achieving 55+MPG I would be very interested what they could do to my T180 in terms of power and fuel consumption! I would most certainly be one of their first customers! :D I think, since it would probably be an expensive job, and without any real-life data on what it does for your car I will wait until the DPF gives up, which it is bound to do one day. But I'd like to see the data on the NOX etc etc so I can be sure that it will still be road legal after the new legislation comes into force! Interesting numbers on the V power! +8mpg? I do a lot of motorway miles too and +8 is definitely worth paying slightly more at the pumps for! Thanks!
  11. antecedo

    Dpf Removal

    Hi - I was doing some research and I found this- looks like they did crack the denso! (at least to make it forget about regens etc) If i get decent MPG with mine I think I will forget about the DPF - if it goes wrong its coming out! That being said I may get it removed if I get poor MPG - then that's one less thing to go wrong :D thanks for your reply - from what I've heard there's not much difference between V power derv and shell fuelsave derv? Any comments on this? Grant.
  12. I'm glad people found this useful :) there is definitely a limit to how deep you can go with the speakers - I don't know exactly how deep that is, but I'm glad I didn't hit the limit!
  13. antecedo

    Dpf Removal

    Hey all - moved from my T Aygo to a Honda and now back to a Toyota 2.2 T180 - I pick it up on Thursday! After looking though the forums, the thing I'm most worried about is the varying MPG readings everyone is getting... I will, of course, check and clean the EGR valve when I get it (as this seems to be a common problem) and maybe feed it a diesel cleaner the first couple of tanks. I was wondering really if anyone has had their DPF removed, how much it cost and whether it is worth getting it done? A couple of places offer this service for Toyotas, but I was under the impression that the ECU was too heavily encrypted to map (therefore how can you make it forget about a DPF?) I'd really like some clearing up on this issue if anyone has any information on it it would be most appreciated! :) Also is there anything else I can do, short of buying a tuning box (which has been covered elsewhere at least twice in great depth) to decrease fuel consumption? could anyone recommend anywhere to get this type of work carried out? **EDIT** If cleaning the EGR valve gives as much improvement as shown in the guide on this forum, then surely removing a huge obstruction (the DPF) will produce significant gains in fuel economy? **EDIT** Thanks, to all in advance! Grant.
  14. Or maybe Toyota has inadvertently created a car that runs on air! Now that would be awesome :) but probably a garage job, just to be safe of course ;)
  15. Sure, you can get them on ebay for £75, pricey I know, but you get free next day postage and packaging on quite a substantial box. I couldn't find them cheaper anywhere when I looked. but the end result is very nice. The one you need is at All the part info is in the first picture ;) hope this helps :)