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  1. Hi All, My lease car is a Toyota Avensis D4D 2.0 TR. It's nearly 2 years old & the outside off side front door weather strip has broken away at one end. I put it down to being vandalised but I asked my boss what he thought & found it strange that anyone would vandalise it where people walk round & was in full view. There is no other damage. It looks like the glue fixing has broken away. I took it to the dealer & he thought it was vandalised. It's not bent it looks like the glue fixing has cracked so when the window goes up the weather strip goes up slightly. I could glue it which would save £117. The window is hardly used except when going into car parks for tickets. It's under pressure so will have to clamp it slightly when gluing. It looks normal when pushed down hard. Has anyone else had problems with door weather strips breaking at the end? Regards....Brillo
  2. Brillo

    Door Locks

    Hi all, My car was booked in for the mod for the recall on Wednesday. I asked about the doors & the mechanics/technicians took the automatic door locks off. One showed me how to do it, though it was the same as in the manual. I think it was a bit hit & miss though. He had the manual open & explained what he had done, which was the same as I tried & the others. I would try it again just to test it but knowing my luck wouldn't be able to get the rear door locks open after. It's nice not to open the rear doors manualy again. I have since got used to passengers opening the rear door on their own, though it's just my daughter so far. The mechanic did say it was to stop car jacking. My brother has a Fiat & has a menu on his dashboard where he can turn this option on or off. It looks like it's still a bit hit or miss as I have said before. One thought is that the mechanic thought the door was opened when he tried it. Cheers......... Brillo
  3. The dealer in Kidlington Oxford ordered a rear toneau cover for me as the original broke under waranty. It took about 5 weeks to arrive but even they rang & told me when the part had arrived. The only thing was I then had a new car. The lease expired though I knew the new owner & he was able to go the the toyota dealer & pick it up. Full marks to Inchcape Toyota Oxford. I have never had any problems & know nearly all the front of house people there. Brillo :)
  4. Brillo

    Door Locks

    Hi all, I have a new Avensis which is 3 weeks old. I had a new one 3 years ago as I have 3 year lease through work. A new feature on this model is that when I drive all the doors lock automaticaly. However when I stop & get out of the vehicle the rear passengers cannot. The child locks are not on either. Neither can I open the door from the outside either. They are stuck inside looking like prisoners & longing to get out of the vehicle. I can only let them out pressing the unlock button on the door consol or key. They have to rely on me. I have looked in the owners manual which told me to put the key in the ignition lock & press the unlock button for 5 seconds. I have done this on numerous occasions & lock button too. It didn't work! My brother & a work colleague tried too. When I drive off all the locks still come on which I don't mine. It's when I stop, my passenger in front & I can exit but the folk in the back can't. Why not? Why have Toyota done this I wonder. It was OK om my last Avensis. Any fixes?? Cheers.....Brillo
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