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  1. I wish id known that way back in March, i did a search on the internet for any bad reviews about them and didn't find any so assumed they must be ok , BIG Mistake !!
  2. I can be sure of this cars build date because it is being built to order unlike Toyota, with BMW Mini i can check the stage of ordering, build and delivery at any point they can check exactly where in the build process the car is Mini do not seem to stockpile cars unlike others,and those that are sat in the dealerships again have the build date stamped on them so you know exactly what you are buying which i think is better all round A lot of minis are sold so i think any parts sat around will be less than 18 months old With the IQ i think i was very unlucky in getting one of the original cars
  3. Got an update ..... and its good, So its now been 16 weeks since i got the car 14 since rejection we have sent numerous solicitor letters but the last one was asking them to replace the vehicle, the reply to that letter was they would not replace the vehicle as they deemed the contract to be fulfilled, But on the same day that letter was received the solicitor took a phone call from the dealership, They said they reject liability but to put an end to the matter would purchase the car back from us, this was a one off offer and no negotiations would be made, they offered the full cost of the car
  4. The car is still sat on my drive I am waiting for a response from the dealership
  5. A little update.. I now have written proof as to when the car was built (december 2008) I have a warranty and service book for a Prius My service plan is for a 2009 1q with current mileage being 1,000 it has not done 500 yet When we put the vin number in the pedal recall site and it said the car was an IQ2 2010 the dealership said thats the registration date,and not the build date Firstly we checked that before i handed the dvla registration form to them so how could it have been the registration date, Anyway checked with the DVLA and they have the car as being built in 2010 Its a total ca
  6. break fluid tests

  7. melkuvel

    Help Please

    please can somebody check for me their Service and Warranty book for the IQ Just looking through mine and have realised its not for the IQ at all its for a Prius very confused, I wanted to check how often the Brake fluid should be changed Any help would be great Thanks
  8. Ok Little update for you. The Dealership was Totally in the wrong for passing me onto Toyota GB, Under the Sales of goods Act It is the seller, not the manufacturer, who is responsible if goods do not conform to contract. Toyota Didn't do anything just sent me a letter saying the car is covered by Warranty ( well knock me down with a feather ) also Given that your vehicle was manufactured in Japan, I am sure you will appreciate that it takes a number of months for a vehicle to be shipped and then prepared for the UK market. In other words they couldn't care less but granted its not th
  9. Well roll on Monday when i can speak to other people and get some legal advice It will also be very interesting to see how Toyota deals with this, Even if they offer to get me the new car i originally bought what am i going to do about servicing the 3 local garages are all owned by the same group, i don't trust them and i am embarrassed at the way they have dealt with this so that would mean a long journey to find some other garage to do the servicing The salesman told me they look after there own customers first and i dont doubt that now compared to the test drive car it drives really bad,
  10. I have been in touch with Toyota and they are looking into it and will get back to me When i ordered this car i asked on numerous occasions about the build date because i didnt want a car that had been sat there for months, we were fobbed off with this a few times and they implied the car would have only been sat around for up to 12 weeks. I was told my car white with leather was the last available one on scrappage in the u.k, if i didnt take this car i would lose out on the scrappage because the waiting was 4 months !! i had the car for 2 days then it had to go back in for the door seal, whee
  11. I got my Brand New Toyota iq2 on 1st march 2010, Ive had a few problems with the car that ive seen on here with those who got the first batch of cars i had a look at the expirery date on the compressor and it was 2012 the manual says it should have a 4 year expirary date so i rang Toyota and asked them the build date of the car my "New" car was built in December 2008 !!!!!!! check when your car was built dont be fobbed off, we asked this before we bought the car and were fobbed off anyway now in a living nightmare
  12. Hi , I will be joining you all on the 1st March :D , i finally went for scrappage and will be saying bye bye to my Daewoo which i have had for 10 years I test drove a few cars which were very nice but the iq stole my heart, ive gone for white with leather, cant believe im getting a white car !! thats so not me but i simply couldn't resist it I was wondering if anybody here went for the chrome sill plate and has a picture i can see, because i cant make my mind up. many thanks melissa
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