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  1. Driving the Prius+ which is heavier and bigger than Auris tourer with the same engine, I am getting 50MPG driving 3.5miles to work and back with a few steep hills in between. Not sure how they only managed 47MPG on a lighter car......
  2. Having driven past Haldon hill in Exeter A38 numerous times with both Prius and Prius+, I wouldn't say that it has any problem going up hills even when I have 4 adults, 2 kids, and plenty of luggages. we start the climb with the battery at 6 bars and end it at 6 bars. Most of the climb are powered by the petrol engine and little is needed of the electric battery. If I needed extra boost to overtake crawling truck or other smaller engine cars, I can do it with ease. The best thing about this kinda steep hill is when you come back down. The EV battery gets fully charge and for the next few climb, the EV produces much of the torque which provides the car with a pretty good MPG. 60-65MPG up and down A38 from Plymouth to Exeter is what I consider as good mileage. There are a fair amount of hills along this. I am not sure what a diesel will gives, but my friend drive a Mercedes A class diesel (obviously much smaller) at around the same speed as I do are getting mileage worst than mine. So there you go.
  3. I drive a Prius+ which is longer, taller, and wider than Auris tourer using the same engine. I have no problem at all going uphill with a full load of luggage and passenger. It is definitely not sluggish and I haven't even floor my accelerating pedal yet. I am happy to be cruising at 60MPH up those hills which you might not be happy to do which again comes to my point initially as to whether hybrid is for you as you seems to be more bothered about performance than fuel efficiency (they don't come together).
  4. driving at 90mph and you want to talk about fuel efficiency? They do not go hand in hand.....
  5. If space is such an issue, get the Prius+
  6. seems to be working perfectly fine with mine. Using Samsung Galaxy S3
  7. I changed from Gen 3 (weasel warranty) to Prius + last November when I was in servicing my Gen 3 then (shouldn't have service it seeing that now I have paid for the service and sold it back to Toyota....). Managed to get £11750 for my Gen 3 at 20k miles. Took about £2k off the new Prius+ thought it was a good deal to miss as I do need a bigger boot space with the growing family. Not sure what to say about road noise as I wasn't too bothered about it with the Gen 3, but I can say the dashboard is now rattle free. Although there is some rattling noise with the sunroof which comes and goes so not certain how I can go about getting this fix. The drive in general is a lot more comfortable and the seat are nicer to sit in too. MPG wise, driving on a flat road, I think the Prius+ is actually more efficient than the Gen 3. The battery seems to charge quicker and last for a longer distance, however, the weight of the Prius+ probably counteract this. It is more efficient for shorter distance as well as the ICE turn off quicker than the Gen 3. All in all, very please with the Prius+. Hopefully I wouldn't be tempted to change car again in 3 years time.... Would like to not be paying car loan for a while......
  8. I am actually living in the UK.
  9. I do not have problem with over reading but rather was wondering about the inconsistency of it. I normally overt read by 3-4 mpg but its 7mpg over read this time that makes me wonder. ....
  10. Some people already bought 2 Hybrid during a 1 year period...... If you are still thinking so hard about this, maybe this is not for you?
  11. I know that on board MPG always overread by around 4 MPG but today mine over-read by 7.5 MPG. Was 63.9 on board and 56.4 on Fuelly. Is this because of the hot weather?
  12. Glyyde

    Prius + Mpg

    Having driven both Prius and Prius+, I think the Prius+ is much more badly affected by weather condition than the Prius. Winter is going to hit the fuel efficiency regardless but wind factor is more of a problem with Prius+ than the Prius. On a journey consisting of 50% motorway and 50% country road/town, without wind I can do 60-63mpg but with wind of 15-20mph against me or sideways, the MPG drop to around 52-55mpg. These are on board value rather than fuelly.
  13. how much did you get for your prius?
  14. Is there a change to the congestion charge discount?
  15. I normally run EV when I start my car in the morning seeing that I live up a hill. Going downhill charge the battery nicely and normally at the bottom of the hill, there is a traffic light, I normally switches off EV when that traffic light goes green. Similarly, I use EV for the last 100-200 yards from home as I know the very next day I will have a fully charge battery anyway going downhill. Also uses EV if I am starting the car and I know within short distance, I will hit a traffic light or something similar. Leave EV mode when I move away from that said traffic. Works well for me.
  16. hm.... sounds dodgy.... cars behind me or on the lane next to me.... there, better now :P
  17. well.... driving in Eco mode and keeping in Eco for the whole time, I have seen lots of frustrated people on my back or side. However, press the power button, and off I go with ease :)
  18. Glyyde

    Weasel Warranty

    not planning to sell the car. Gonna use until the hybrid battery dies
  19. Glyyde

    Weasel Warranty

    can I add the 8 years hybrid battery warranty at 5 years? If so how much will that cost?
  20. Glyyde

    Weasel Warranty

    is that for both the HSD system and the battery?
  21. Can someone remind me of the weasel warranty part for the Hybrid system? My Gen 3 is coming to 3 years and I was wondering about extension of the warranty. However, I have only done 20k miles and should be doing around 30k the next 2 years. Do I need to extend the hybrid warranty?
  22. A diesel hybrid with 74mpg and that warranty, with a higher price tag than prius. No thank you.
  23. Glyyde

    Trade In Musings

    Anything but. Thanks to the Toyota weasel warranty, I can't afford to get rid of mine. The one consolation is that I can buy the warranty that Toyota missed. Unfortunately, trade values don't take that into account. How much does the extended warranty cost and how much longer does the warranty last for? I do not think I will be trading my Prius after 3 years. Pretty much as it will not be financially beneficial to do so. And I am so used to 50+MPG that I might struggle to find another petrol car that does so.
  24. Glyyde

    Trade In Musings

    you guys are making it sounds like we should all get rid of the Prius as soon as possible
  25. Glyyde

    Trade In Musings

    It's not just the HV battery you should worry about. I needed a new HV ecu controller (under warranty) that was about £750+vat+fitting. It also needed a lot of investigative work by Toyota (free when under warranty) to find the problem. You then have the transaxle (transmission/gearbox) which is the magic part of the Toyota hybrid system. It is seeming that they aren't holding up as well on the gen3 as on the gen2. Maybe making them smaller, lighter and yet more powerful wasn't great for a long life. A transaxle is about £4,500 + vat + fitting. Then there's the steering system on the t3 (it's better on the t4 & t-spirit) which also doesn't seem great. I'm on my THIRD! I think I've given the cost of these before. We're only finding these issues out now because of high mileage drivers who in the last two and a half years of the UK gen3 have now put on near 100,000 miles and thus showing the issues. Perhaps the trade know that the gen3 is a fragile thoroughbred which is great when it runs, but has the potential for BIG bills when it goes wrong. It is also a specialist beast in that many parts are so different that you can only take the car to a main dealer for diagnosis or repair. Put it another way, any old garage knows how to fix a 2 year old Mondeo, but not many know what to do with a Prius and trade in values are now reflecting this. Sounds like it wouldn't be long before I have to just give up my Prius. Will the Prius + have even more problem with a new battery? How long does this transaxle last normally?