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  1. Difficult to over tighten as its a spring type hose clip Hose clamps Even with 2 cable ties on its still slipping slightly - no blocakge on the air intake pipe or filter housing (new filter too) - will try good old fashioned Jubilee clip Ended up with a Jubilee clip as the cable ties failed to hold it. Now seems to be holding well.
  2. Difficult to over tighten as its a spring type hose clip Hose clamps Even with 2 cable ties on its still slipping slightly - no blocakge on the air intake pipe or filter housing (new filter too) - will try good old fashioned Jubilee clip
  3. Try getting a new clip on it. If its like the T25 model it slips over the smooth bit. But have you checked that there isn't a bockage anywhere thats causing this? Air filter Okay and box? The clip I can pinch together quite easily by hand (surely it should be a stronger clip?). Anyway, in the short term i'm going for a cable tie - this should be OK - Yes?
  4. Over the last few days the air intake pipe from the filter housing to the turbo slips off the turbo intake, does the circlip loose strength over time? Does the intake pipe just fit over the smooth bit of the turbo intake or should it fit further on? 08 plate D4D T-spirit
  5. While replacing the sponge on the air intake pipe on the air filter housing to try and cure my annoying resonance problem. I noticed a light grey plug and similar coloured housing, which I assume is the correct location, See photo, anybody any idea what it is it and should I re connect it? its located behind the air filter housing. Thanks tallguy_uk_98
  6. Hi, Seems like I have the same problem, vibration (sounds vaguely like the exhaust blowing under the passenger foot-well)between 1200 and 1800 rpm both going up and down the rev range, but goes away above that range. Anyway the question - If I go to see Mr T should I ask for a specific thing? referred to as 'This is apparently a bespoke Avensis repair patch' Cheers Tallguy
  7. Are you sure about the filter? I know its not a spin on/spin off type. I think there is a cap with a drain plug in the middle.
  8. Hi, About to change the oil on my 2008 Avensis (2.2 D) Can some one tell me what Socket sizes I need, main drain plug, Filter housing drain plug and Filter removal? Any help much appreciated Tallguy
  9. nah nah, Maybe I didn't say at the start but this happens as soon as I start to refuel, the nozzle doesn't fit too well and the diesel sprays back even just after starting
  10. Hi, I have owned my Diesel Avensis for about 6 weeks and done about 3000 miles, which means I've put some diesel in it a few times. Now I maybe stupid (a distinct possibility according to some) but every time I fill up the diesel sprays back or spills down the side of the car, the nozzle doesn't seem to go in to the hole particularly well. Overtime this will damage the paint work. Is this common? Am I doing something wrong? Is this just the nozzle at my local garage? Is this a design fault? Yours P**'d off with wiping diesel off the side of my car :( Tallguy
  11. Have had good results with Autoglym High Definition Wax on my previous car (Black Jag x-type estate). Anybody used Autoglym High Definition Cleanser and does anybody have an opinion on it? Cheers Tallguy
  12. In my opinion, it's a good rule for all diesels due to the amount of carbon produced. If it does nothing else, it reduces carbon build up and keeps the internals generally cleaner. I have to agree, M8 of mine is an independant mechanic who seriously recommends a mid interval change, The oil gets seriously sooted up on a diesel, I've also seen other manufactures forums recommending mid interval changes for diesels (was a diesel Jag owner before change to avensis)
  13. f3rr3tm4n - From what I understand about the surface paint warranty, it only applies if your car is under 3yrs old or less than 60,000miles, a 57 plate should just fall into that group (depending on the miles). I'd be asking why no new door, especially as the dealer I went to didn't even think about a repair. Anyway my car is in the bodyshop at the moment and hopefully should be ready today. I have asked the dealer to also do a AC service and pollen filter change as the blower seems to have as much puff as an asthmatic granny, but thats another thread :!Removed!:
  14. Good news on the new door and yes I would complain to both the dealer and Toyota GB for the sake of others and a bit of self satisfaction for you ... but don't lets start the old North/South divide thing as my Northern dealer is brilliant! Best regards Pete. T-spiritpete, No worries on the North/South thing, I'm an Ex-pat Yorkshireman down here to educate the great unwashed on Beer, Flatcaps, whippets and above all Rugby League
  15. OK....Just had a call from the Local toyota dealer (southern) Mr T has approved the warrenty claim and is going to give me a complete new door.... Which still leaves me wondering about the northern dealer and whether to complain to both them and Mr T
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