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  1. Plastic undertray issues grrrrr :-(

  2. This is my 2006 T3-S and i`ve had it since February this year and its fantastic
  3. Sorry chaps,i`d have made this my first meet as a relatively new member but am off on hols on saturday chalk me in for the next one though,i`ll be there ;)
  4. I`ve got an Avensis in Black and as previously stated,i`ve done nothing but clean it in the last six weeks i`ve owned it. That said,it does seerm a bit more of an exclusive colour and looks fantastic when its all polished up
  5. Just tried this product on my new motor and it was fantastic and very quick and easy to use
  6. Did my new motor with Autoglym`s Aqua Wax today came up a treat,and thats from a man who`s allergic to polishing and waxing :D
  7. russjp


    This is my latest acquisition
  8. Just a quick hello to you all,i`m new here and have been away from toyotas since parting company with my beloved Camry many years ago but now i`m back!!!! On tuesday i`ll be picking up my new toy : Hope to be a regular here so keep yer eyes peeled for me
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