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  1. yeah this makes perfect sense as i had been thinking about that the other day, there are two different tyres on the front and then the back have same tyres, they all still have good tread on them, but saving up to get them all replaced in the summer.
  2. I've noticed the traction control seems to be really moany in the corolla, it's always flashing up and it's not even like i'm going hard, i know the roads are greasy at the moment but even still. does anyone else find this?
  3. Just getting back to this post now, and i can honestly tell you that all that information you've found on my car is completely wrong, specially considering it says the car is silver in that and Les is not the name of the new owner. i will conntinue to post pictures of my cars with the number plates shown. i have the tax book for my car i own it and it's registered in my name. I also live in northern Ireland not Island. If people really want to steal number plates they usually just got steal them off the car, this happened to a friend of ours. i really just couldn't give a crap. o and linzy isn't my name.
  4. i got my husband to check mine there at the weekend and theres a slight grove out of both of them (my car is at 53K) so got new ones ordered. amazing how something so little does so much, my cams were looking beautiful too. luckily the guy we bought it off has used mobile one in it and did regular oil changes so oil was lovely and clean. :D
  5. cheers, i know i loved the red too. she looked really trick in the hard top too *shy* think i'll cry anytime i see her. if i won the lottery i'd be straight out to buy her back.
  6. well i heard that they can go in as few as 30,000 miles . i changed mine at 50,000 . okay cheers. i'll check it out. is your a pfl or fl? .Fl has stronger lift bolts that will last longer . it's pre face lift.
  7. This is off topic apologies I think you should contact Autotrader and ask them to the remove 300,000+ adds as the majority will show Reg No's, also whats the difference between this pic and lookin out of a window at a car? I imagine people like myself who block their Reg number do it to prevent being identified when out on the road. was thinking this myself.
  8. well i heard that they can go in as few as 30,000 miles . i changed mine at 50,000 . okay cheers. i'll check it out.
  9. my husband got one order for me, he knows someone who works in toyota and they order me in one. it's actually for the spoiler but will fit the bumper. hope you get you's. it was £3 just incase
  10. o must check these on my car, what milege do you recommend changing these at?
  11. i'm sure it'll be fine, plus it's no longer my car as i said in my orginial post.
  12. well i'm not sure about altezza's but my husbands lexus IS200 drinks petrol, it's very expensive to fuel. it is a gorgeous car to drive and has alot of luxury where as an altezza is a bit more racier, you can get them super charged too.
  13. well i got my mats there, just corolla ones but i don't mind. they where £39. not too bad.
  14. we need to adjust the handbrake in my car and although he's did it via the calliper he still needs to adjust it within the drum, does anyone have a diagram or know how to do this. Thanks.
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