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  1. Matt, sorry to disapoint you , get rid as soon as you can, my T180 07 plate was nothing but trouble , poor fuel econemy again struggeled to get above 33 mpg no matter how careful I drove.Egr valve replaced twice, cleaned twice.Cat replaced .Problems with white smoke and poor MPG eventually the garage came up with a reflash that had just come in from Toyota to do with white smoke , curred it for a while .I got so fed up I got rid .I had an extended warranty and still got problems and garage and Toyota uk could not cure it ,Toyota uk attitude crap, they will just say the MPG can go up or down as per goverment fuel wording - bull****. Get rid - When I tried to get Toyota to sell it my local rep phoned his local taxi fleet and the boss told him he would not touch that engine as he knows problems . Sorry to disapoint but look out in the future.
  2. all I can say is its well worth it, so far ive had a egr valve a cat converter with labour it was £2500 and about to have a water pump
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    White Smoke

    Hi, ive had my Avensis T180 2.2 since April 07 .Ive had a lot of problems with clouds of white smoke from the exhaust this is an intermittent fault but does fill the motorway behind with a cloud.Been into garage several times ,no fault found approx 84K on clock ,but has been ongoing since about 50K.Best thing I did was take exstended warranty. It has had a egr valve , and a cat converter under warranty.I get poor fuel MPG average 35MPG.Got to the stage now where I am going to write to Toyota uk and sue them '' car not fit for purpose'' Any one else had these problems ?