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  1. You need 6pk 2050mm mate. Get it from the internet Dayco or somewhere or this;
  2. You need 6pk 2050mm mate. Get it from the internet Dayco or somewhere or this;
  3. Sanj cheers for the fuel pump. At least when the injectors leaked it's just the o-rings mate and not anything more sinister with the injectors themselves or the fuel rail. You need to pop a video on of your car on idle and throttle blipping because the sound is amazing.
  4. LOL i recognise that fuel pump! Got Sunday off to come over, and going to see when i can get the car booked in for mapping today.
  5. I can't wait to see this finished, it's going to be awesome. A proper sleeper
  6. Sanj you say the HRC one is a direct fit? This one; This a good guide to changing a pump;
  7. you got the dimensions for that sanj?
  8. It's definately working, after just 5 mins you can feel the temp difference on the intercooler at inlet and outlet. I have been driving it carefully really because it needs mapping, but before that i need to sort out what i am doing with the pulley.
  9. Lol what's with the fascination over the gaffa tape! It's to stop stuff falling inside when fitting the pipes lol
  10. Went to the NE today to see nrgizer, and get my intercooler fitted. Massive thanks to Sanj for his time, tools, and expertise. I have some photo's during fitment, and with it fitted.
  11. Thanks, There is some about an hours drive from me forsale off a Toyota IQ lol $1000NZD with tires only 6 months old Its got the TRD dampners and springs which I understand lowers the car about 30mm Dude has it got the TRD Sportivo kit on it like this its expensive but i want it bad
  12. you tried looking at the PPE headers?
  13. lol i laughed soo hard at the stickers on your back window, quality haha
  14. I don't honestly know if mine is running rich/lean or whatever, but i know moddifying your car makes them run either way until you get the fuelling sorted. From what nrgizer said i would rather it was running rich lol
  15. Don't tell me your water pump has now gone? its been leaking slightly, not badly but enough to notice and annoy me. I might just confirm with fensport and get one off them if the design has changed, hopefully lee knows how to do cutting work when fitting the pump lol