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  1. wardude


    The thing i fine with spraying Waxoyl is its very hard to control. it leaves the can to fast and thick to apply it nicely. Dinitrol, like I said earlier, is just like spraying paint. Its a doddle to do and leaves a lovely factory look finish. Dinitrol is cheapest on Ebay and I think the company is called Rejel (or similar) I did the Landrover chassis in about 2 hours and was very impressed with my work as im naff at painting and diy lol.
  2. well my T180 which is same year but more miles is attracting offers now of around £6500-7k. Dealer offered me £6700 as trade in. Best offer I had turned out to be a timewaster
  3. wardude


    Yes its worth doing. Do all the underside apart from anything like exhaust or wires etc. Do the diff and suspension arms, front coil springs etc. Dinitrol is now a lot cheaper than it used to be and the best place is Ebay from Dinitrol themselves. They now do full kits of so many cans and applicators. honestly though its just like spraying paint. Waxoyl is a pain in the jacksy as it all comes out to fast and you have little control. plus it looks blooming awful. Dinitrol dries a lovely smooth matt black colour and looks very professional. the stone chip protector dries hard where the cavity wa
  4. wardude


    In my experience, Dinitrol is far superior to Waxoyl. I have used both on my old Landrovers and Dinitrol, besides being far easier and MUCH less messy to apply (also gives much nicer finish) wins hands down for me. you can either get the underbody wax which stays a little tacky OR get the stone chip which dries hard and leaves a factory finish. Have a look on E Bay. its also cheper than Waxoyl. Oh and the Army use Dinitrol on all there vehicles
  5. Mine changes lovely (im selling it too if you wanna swap lol) Located in Northumberland
  6. wardude

    Rav4 T180

    true Charlie. Im getting around 350-400 miles on a tank with mine and thats doing shprt trips
  7. wardude

    Rav4 T180

    Yes it was French cos only a french mouse would break into my car, nibble a seat and then come back the next night.....ONLY to be caught in ma trap mwahahaaaaaa
  8. wardude

    Rav4 T180

    PLUS its only one 5hr drive cos you can fly up or take the train. At least you know my car is sound as a pound cos I have been on this forum since i got it AND you get a brand new genuine Toyota interior for free (probs worth around £3k) after a rouge mouse nibbled on ma seat.
  9. Or you could just buy mine which already has the side steps and roof rails on it :-) Just get the train lol
  10. cheers. I just like to change ma cars every now and then. I feel i want a change. Ill prob regret it as thei car is great but hey ho, thats just me. I regret most things i do lol
  11. wardude

    Rav4 T180

    very true Kev me old Jock fiend
  12. wardude

    Rav4 T180

    LOL Kev im selling as i just want a change. Cant help it but thats how i am with cars
  13. wardude

    Rav4 T180

    Jump on the train and ill pick you up
  14. Quite agree Charlie me old fruit. Its a great car and mine has been problem free for the three years iv owned it (apart from the brake light switch which is nothing) Maybe i will just keep her :-)
  15. thanks for the info guys. had a guy here today who loves it but still aint sold his car. Another guy who said he wanted it and wanted to come see it hasnt got back in touch. Im in no rush to sell anyway. cracking car with no issues at all. Somone will get a good car
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