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  1. Are small petrol turbo engines reliable? I often read your technical questions section and see lots of issues with turbos on diesel engines. Do the same issues arise on cars fitted with petrol engines? I note most manufacturers now seem to be selling small cars with a small engine size and fitted with a turbo. What are the good and bad points regarding petrol turbos? Answered by Honest John Petrol turbos would otherwise run hotter so are water-cooled and there can be problems with the water cooling. Ford 1.0 EcoBoosts have had trouble with this. So far, Peugeot/Citroen's PureTechs seem to be the best, but, like EcoBoosts, are held together by timing belts in oil and those belts will not last forever.
  2. Certainly, i wasnt trying to put your choice down i was trying to help others who may be thinking of buying something like a Corsa. I am on my second Corsa so a couple of problems i had with the first didn't put me off buying the second but i have had more of the same with the second and will not be buying a third, the guy in the video lists many of the problems i and people i know have had one of the worst being the clutch slave cylinder leaking its inside the gearbox so the box has to come out and if it contaminates the clutch its £800+ to get it fixed and more at VX, this seems to be more of a problem on the Corsa E and its getting to be quite a regular topic on the VX forums.
  3. The doors problem as said above its caused by good seals simply drop the window a few millimetres as you go to close the door problem solved. Do you not have a reversing camera, that was one of the first things on my shortlist. As for buying Vauxhall I have owned two Corsas and this guy sums it perfectly the video starts at the Corsa (also watch the belt in oil video below this) Something else to think about if you are considering moving to another manufacturer (this put me off buying a Fiesta)
  4. Sadly funds wont allow me to buy one of those.
  5. Thanks again to all that have posted looks like i may be leaving my turbo petrol days behind
  6. Thanks for the honest reply, i don't intend to do much motorway driving its fairly rural round here so 30 - 50 mph is the norm. Our lass says i am as deaf as a post so it may not bother me much if i have to go on the motorway (i call it selective hearing) 😉
  7. Could i ask members who have the older Yaris hybrid (i am looking around 2017 - 2018) how they have found reliability i have looked through the forums and there doesn't seem to be any major issues but its a big forum with thousands of threads so i may have missed them. Sorry for all the questions today as you can tell i am keen to learn as much as i can so i can make my final decision.
  8. If you were to go back in time would you still have chosen the hybrid or would you have gone for a small turbo petrol of which there are now many? I like the idea of the hybrid and have not been put off by the droning engine under heavy accelerating comments often mentioned in negative video reviews, i like auto boxes (works vehicle has one) but this is a different thing altogether did owners here find the drone annoying at first do you notice it now, is it down to bad driving by these negative reviewers causing the problem? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks again and thanks to all who have taken time to answer i was put off by the negative stuff i have read about the 12v battery in forums i am sure many like me will find this information a great help.
  10. could you explain what you mean by - If it does not light up while driving, the car battery is charged with a voltage of 12.8V.
  11. Thanks again Tony, its a whole new world of driving. 😄 I hate shopping with a vengeance as we have to drive to the next town (9 miles) i then wait while the wife does the supermarket shop as i hate the places i then load the car when she gets back so so i could sit in ready mode no problem, if i sat with the heater on in winter with the engine running would the 12v battery still get a charge?
  12. Thanks Tony. If it did show below 12v using that method would taking it for a blast on the dual carriageway for a decent length of time do the job i don't have off street parking so running leads to the car would not be possible? It would also do the car good as i said earlier i do a lot of short journeys so a regular blast would be beneficial.
  13. Thanks that is a small price for peace of mind. I do quite a lot of short journeys through the week If i had one of these at what voltage would i take the car for a run to make sure the battery was charged enough not to let me down?
  14. I have been looking at the Yaris HB for a while and was not aware how bad the battery problem was, could i ask if there is a means of seeing the charge level of the 12v battery on the dash etc?
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