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  1. Just found these from our test drive... Dave.
  2. Hi Steve, and welcome to TOC, hope it will be of use. I have a Gen 1 Auris T-Sprit on a 10 plate (it was the first non-demo model on the road around Bristol) and I've not had a problem with the 12v battery even though it's mainly used for short journeys. As far as the "boot maximiser" is concerned, this was introduced within three or four months because of the absolutely pitiful boot depth. That said, the original lower liner was split into three, with the dividers providing support for the shelf. It is very useful as I store all kinds of junk under the shelf (fleece blankets, foot pump, windscreen shade etc. etc.) but it does limit the height between the shelf and the parcel shelf - about the height of a 750G box of Corn Flakes in the middle although you do get a flat load space when the seats are down. Hope that helps, Dave.
  3. Hiya, from memory, I did 23% transmission as recommended by the tinter. Apparently, that's as close as you're going to get to factory fit - looks good and works well too. Dave.
  4. In all honesty, even if you do have the USB connect in the glove box, iPod integration is pants! I suspect you won't, as Toyota remove it when they factory fit the Sat Nav option. When I bought our Auris HSD back in 2010, I made such a fuss that the USB connect was missing (the brochure made a big thing of iPod integration with the Sat Nav option) that Mr T. reinstated it, but plugging an iPod into it didn't work as expected and certainly nowhere near what was claimed in the brochure - you could only play from playlists and the car would not control the iPod with any great success. If you have an iPod Touch, you're better off connecting it to the car via Bluetooth. Admittedly, you have to select the song, album or playlist starting point on the iPod, but the song / album / artist details are displayed on the car screen, and volume and track skip work (within the album or playlist) from the audio controls on the steering wheel. I now have an iPhone and that works very well, but you do have to connect the phone and the audio side of things separately in both the Phone and BT Audio settings. Hope that helps a bit. Dave.
  5. I agree, for absolute control, manual is the only way to go, however, for 95% of the time, auto works for me. The turning off thing is useful for passengers, but not a lot of good for the driver - the 15 second (or adjustable to 30 sec) "show me home" thing would be good, and would only be a software update but I don't think it would be anything that would be implemented for existing owners.
  6. I'm guessing (although, sometimes Toyota go counter-intuitive) that, - means less sensitive so switching the headlamps on in darker situations, + means more sensitive so you'll be flashing away like a good 'un. That's how the wipers on the Auris seem to work.
  7. Glad I'm not looking to replace our HSD any time soon as the inside looks pretty grim! Outside doesn't look too bad, but that dash... I hope the plastic isn't as utilitarian as the new Yaris! I'm completely in agreement with cuius, it looks like a step back to the bad old days. Haven't Toyota looked at the new interiors from Citreon, Hyundai and the like??? Ho hum...
  8. BTW, welcome to the forum Hotlush, I only just spotted that you're a new member. Dave.
  9. Indeed, choosing the playlist on the phone, but you were supposed to be able to jump from playlist to playlist and album to album using the car to control the iPhone. Another piece of Toyota misinformation to get you to buy expensive accessories! Ho-hum...
  10. Yep, same on the iPhone, iPod & iPad (tried 'em all)... so much for full integration as per the brochure! It looks like we're stuck with what we have - I kicked up a storm with the dealer when I found that the connection wasn't as per the brochure / manual and took it right up to Toyota GB ad got absolutely nowhere. Fabulous customer service and focus from all concerned! As for your quiet music, it could be that the volume on your phone isn't set at maximum for the bluetooth headset connection (the car is just behaving like a pair of giant headphones). Hope that helps. Dave.
  11. I've noticed my headlights are brighter than average (no idea why as I haven't upgraded them), but I have adjusted them to the highest level still staying legal. People do flash if I have them adjusted to 0 in the cabin, so I usually run at one click down and only get flashed on the very odd occasion. One thing I would say though is that I have adjusted the nearside (passenger side) headlamp slightly higher than the offside, which gives a straight cut off across the road with a reasonable extension along the kerb. Dave.
  12. daveybee


    There will be a button on the air con controls that has an icon that looks like the wiper swept area on the windscreen. Press that button and air should be directed onto the windscreen. Dave.
  13. Yep, especially as it was one of those gradual discoveries accompanied by three phone calls to the dealership across a couple of hours or so, where they were all greeted by reassuring noises about the Sat Nav's capabilities from the sales staff. Talk about that sinking feeling... Anyway, it's history now - life's too short! On the call centre thing, have you seen "Thanks For Your Time" by Gotye on YouTube? Well worth a look and a chuckle... Dave. PS. I know I'm old enough to know better than to listen to music like this, but hey - gotta stay as young as possible for as long as possible :D
  14. Yeah, but at least you have a deck board Considering that no UK Yaris gets this board, the UK Yaris brochure highlights it as standard fit with a picture of it on page 10 and text reading, quote "The large boot capacity benefits from full flat loading and useful underfloor storage space." I rest my case - that's if I had the board to rest it on Don't get me started on Toyota brochure cr@p... The £1200 Sat Nav option (in the July 2010 brochure) that had USB and iPod connectivity and control, including compatibility with iPod video and DVD audio - well, what a load!!! The head unit was / is not compatible with USB, it plays iPod audio through Bluetooth, but all control is through the iPod itself, no iPod video compatibility and no DVD audio... I blew my top when all that functionality was missing and ended up getting some compensation from the local dealership, but that wsn't the point, and six months on, Toyota still hadn't changed their brochures even though they were more than aware of the issues - they said it was covered by E&OE! C'est la vie! Dave.
  15. I must admit, when I looked in the boot of a Yaris HSD, I did have a little "boot envy". The batteries being under the rear seats makes one heck of a difference to the boot space. Dave.
  16. Mmmm... Boot space! Who would have thought! :D Well, when you take into account the "bits and pieces" under the deck, the Auris' isn't that small at all. There's two folded rugs, a foot pump, a warning triangle, a high visibility vest, some odd tools, cuddly toy (tee hee - only joking) and there's still room for bits of photographic equipment (like to keep that well out of sight). That leaves above the deck clear for luggage or a decent sized family weekly shop. Not a small boot at all... Dave.
  17. When we bought our Auris HSD, it came with a split boot well liner and a carpeted board cover, which makes the boot floor flat, but makes the boot very shallow. This drew all kinds of criticism and after about three or four months Toyota brought in a new "improved" single well boot liner (or boot maximiser). I suspect this is why the cover has been omitted. It's only a guess, but I haven't heard any criticism of the Yaris HSD boot being very small. Dave.
  18. I don't think so, but I haven't tried hooking a HTC to my Auris. On my 2010 HSD, you have to pair the phone to both the phone side of the audio system and the bluetooth audio side as they seem to operate independently (with my iPhone anyway). Hope that points you in the general direction... Dave
  19. Yeah, well, had to really... Seriously though, I'm a big believer in being straight with people - if they deserve praise, they get it, if I'm unhappy with them, they know about it, but if I'm wrong, I'll always apologise... Served me very well in my 25 odd years of managing people. Dave.
  20. Just to save anyone from the same embarrassing situation I found myself in on Friday, I'm posting a little snippet that I'm sure you all know about, but I didn't... A couple of weeks ago I had the two year service done on my Auris HSD, and being a bit anal about these things, I checked the fluid levels when I got home only to find that the brake fluid was on the midway mark rather than the top mark (where I expected it to be following a full fluid replacement). I thought that, as it was over minimum, it was safe enough and I'd wait until I went past the local dealer to get it topped up. Anyway to cut a long story short, I found myself at Mr. Ts last Friday morning, having a discussion with the technicians over where the brake fluid level should be - they maintained it was exactly at the level it should be and refused to top it up to the maximum mark ("because hybrids are different to normal cars") so I left, having had a bit of a set to with the service guy. Anyway, by the time I got home I was fuming, and was going to post the question on this forum as to where the fluid level should be and write a snotty letter to my Dealership Principal complaining about his technicians. I then remembered a photo of the engine bay I took when the car was new, and guess what??? The brake fluid level was bang on the mid way mark - they were right! Anyway, following a very apologetic phone call to the service guy, and a number of knowing looks from the wife, I thought I'd share my embarrassment with you all. Have a bit of a chuckle at my expense, but also be aware that the high brake fluid level on a hybrid is supposed to be lower than you would expect - was news to me, but I guess I'm living proof that you're never too old to learn new stuff! Dave. :P
  21. That's true. Mine sits there making a noise like a ZX Spectrum loading (audible from the outside, from the engine bay). I think the ECU is playing Jetpac when it thinks we're not looking. Mine also 'groans' when I open the door, but as already said it's some kind of electrical thing waking up. Nothing to be concerned about at all. Jetpac on the ZX S eh??? Now you're showing your age! I thought that groan was the car saying, "Good grief, not 'im again!" Seriously though, I believe that noise is the various electronic bits and pieces getting ready for you to push the Start button so reducing the "boot" time until the car is ready for you to drive. Dave.
  22. I believe the recommended way is to drop the front bumper to gain access to the back of the headlights, although I must admit, that's only what I've read here. I had a 2004 version of your Avensis and had the bulb go on the drivers side dipped beam so decided to replace both dips (I always replace headlight bulbs in pairs). After an hour, and half a box of Elastoplast, I managed to get them done. It's a nasty job and probably worth asking Mr. T. what it would cost for them to do it - I discovered our local mob did it for a tenner a side, it almost cost that in plasters...
  23. I loved my Imp, even if it did tick over like a Gypsy Moth, looked like the wheels were falling off and needed the occasional squirt of ether into the chokes to get it to fire.
  24. Agreed, only CD. I was initially duped by the brochure when I bought my HSD, which said the optional Sat Nav head would play audio DVDs (.mp3 files), which I thought would be a great jukebox, but I was disappointed, moaned a lot and the brochure was corrected very quickly. That said, in compensation, the dealer fitted a USB socket for me FOC so that I could use a USB stick as my jukebox which works quite well. Dave.
  25. Had ours since July 2010, apparently the first non-demo one on the road in the Bristol area. I have nothing but praise for the car. Cheap to run - high fifties mpg, silly insurance (Direct Line - £221 fully comp with protected no claims bonus), zero road fund license. The car has been back a couple of times to Toyota to sort out delivery paint chips on the front bumper and for one service... it's behaved perfectly. From my limited knowledge of the various Toyota sat nav systems, I think it's a dealer fit job. You might be better off with a Tom Tom or Garmin or the like, especially if you want to do clever things with portable music (the factory fit sat nav on the T Spirit does not have a USB connector although the non sat nav audio system does). Hope that helps a bit... Dave.