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  1. Well I drove the Yaris 1.0vvti today & was really impressed, by the size inside, how comfortable the ride was, and it was a nice drive, went first arounf the streets, then a go on dual carridgeway, then a blast on motorway, It didn't shake and it wasn't noisy, couple of niggles with the stereo, but 4 new tyres and 37,000 mile only. Just not sure how she will cope doing a 5 hr drive to & from Pembrokeshire. A few more questions, I'm usually pretty good at making decisions, but on this I'm a little indecisive... How much more power/ease of acceleration does the 1.3 have compared to the 1.0? Also, as I was accelerating in the 1.0, obviously the comp was giving me much lower Mpg as I was having to accelerate hard, how does that compare with not having to accelerate as hard to get the same speed (if you know what I mean) :) Cheers Johnny.
  2. Brilliant replies guys.... Like I said most of the miles are A roads to Pembrokeshire, with only about 60 miles are Motorway... I'm hopefully testing a 02 1.0vvti with 39,000 miles (Low :)) this weekend, so I'll let you know how it goes.... I was thinking of the 1.0, to keep tax, insurance & petrol costs as low as possible, as it is purely to get me from A to B as cheep as poss, but obviously I'd like to get their as easy as poss too..... Please keep any other comments coming, you have been sooooo helpful so far..... Cheers Johnny.
  3. The reliability is the reason for going for a Yaris, but should it be the 1.0vvti or the diesel, with the type of milage I will be doing.... Cheers.....
  4. Guys, I'm a newbie on the forum who wants to purcase a Yaris, I only have approx £3000 to spend, the question I pose is, do I go for the 1.0 vvti or the diesel, I will be doing a drive from Manchester to Pembrokeshire - Pembrokeshire to Manchester every 8 days, 60 miles are motorway & 140 A roads. Cost is an issue & want to keep running cost as low as possible... My worry is that the 1.0 vvti will struggle on the journey, would it be best to go for the diesel?? I understand that you may have answered this question before, but plaese can you help again, as I have a tight timescale & cannot look through pages and pages of info.... All help would be greatly appreciated... Johnny.
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