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  1. Sorry to hear of your troubles, and that the fate of the SR is sealed. Dibs on a few bits?
  2. Make a start, be good to see it how it is, and to document progress. The best colour too...... ;-)
  3. No you wouldn't, just prepare the car to the regs for whichever class you want to run in, and thats it. Drivers of all shapes, sizes, ages and sexes in the championship. I'm hardly slim and I have done ok for my experience and what I'm driving. Faster times than modified Glanza Turbo and Celica GT4 amongst others at the last round. Not bad for an old 109bhp shopping trolley in Street class, driven by an overweight novice....... Just a thought, but a valid one I reckon.
  4. Buy it, and run it in the Toyota Sprint Series next year ;-)
  5. The bushes (that it sounds like you are talking about) are not normally available readily. You will need to do some shopping around. Fensport can supply Super Pro poly bushes for the arms if you speak to them, and they can be replaced either DIY if you have the right sort of tools (available from Screwfix/Machinemart etc), or by a decent mechanic for a price less than £180+VAT. That price sounds like a new arm with bushes complete, or bumped up to cover the possible fiddly nature of the work on an 'older' car. I would personally replace the bushes with poly uprated versions, as for the price, they will be the right ones and of good quality. 'Cheaper' bushes are just that, cheap. Avoid. HTH
  6. There is a 'Wanted' forum that you could try posting your list of parts on. As for pics of spats fitted to 'standard' E12 models, check out Ant182's thread on here on his Colour Collection, that has rear spats fitted to the rear bumper, I take it that they are what you are thinking of?
  7. I feel your pain. This is what I have come up against nearly every step of the way, and got ever increasingly wound up because of it. Came close to throwing in the towel, wanted to forget it completely and turn to Gardening, Cycling or even Hill Walking as a hobby/interest. But. That's the thing you see. Because parts are hard to source for these, nobody bothers, and as such they get left alone and are a rare sight, unloved and unrecognised. Let the world and his dog fly around in modded Civics etc, and I'll batter B-roads and surprise many in my below-radar 'Grandad-mobile'. A few bikers over the Dales last week can verify that, along with a GT4, Elise and some others on track too of late..... Stick at it, other people manage to either source parts or have them bespoke-made. I got my adjustable kit from Koni direct via a third party as they weren't listed. My exhaust, bespoke custom made just for me. Both at comparable prices. There is a certain Silver SR on here with some very choice parts ;-) All done by speaking to the right people who give a fig and are happy to work with an enthusiastic owner of something a little left-of-centre. The best cars (imo) are those that don't shout and don't conform with the market/the crowd/the general concensus. It's not old, it's not cr4p, it's not 'not worth spending money on'. It IS yours, different, underated and so very worth it. I have spoken to & visited many, many bodyshops over nearly 2 years now, and only recently have I found somewhere that I am considering. A chap who can work with metal, rather than just swap panels. A chap who was happy to show me around his paintshop and some of the cars in progress. A chap who has unleaded through his veins just as I do, and who owns classic VW's as his own hobby and love. My exhaust was a very similar tale. Was a near on 100 mile round trip, a days work after waiting nearly 3 months for a workshop slot and was all so very worth it. All after EVERY local 'specialist' scratched their heads and sucked their teeth at me. The Country is going to the dogs, with most places just going through the motions of retail/customer service, but the gems are there, fighting to make a living. Often small, one or two man operations in the back of beyond, been there for ever and will be there for as long as they can cover the bills, tinkering with 'old' metal, wheeling out quality work the way it used to be done. The kettle is always on and they will happily drop the spanner to wander over to your car for a chat and to see what you take pride in. I read Retro Cars magazine every month, and some of the work done on the featured cars in that is brilliant. Very rarely is it done by your average 'shop or are the parts sourced from the usual internet/magazine advertised outlet. Fred in his shed, a mate of a mate, and a fellow enthusiast on a friendly forum all provide inspiration, support and even parts for another mans pride and joy. Let the silly boys with Daddys money line the pockets of the 'known' retailers, and let them jolly around in whatever the flavour of the month is. Fly the flag for being induvidual and original. Support the little man and set your own course. I know I've prattled on (again....I am good at that) but stop banging your head against that wall (you'll only have to paint it again) and use it to your advantage. £3000 is a LOT of coin. So much can be done with it, and you will sort the jobs you want doing. It just might need a bit of thinking outside the box. You are not alone brother!
  8. Thanks! I've managed (just....) to transfer the times from my Corolla runs onto my thread if you want to have a look out of interest.
  9. I'd just got the car, and it was running with half a tank of fuel, a boot full of stuff and less than glamorous rubber on its original 14" rims. I hadn't changed anything from the day I bought it. Category Reaction 60 Foot 1/8 ET 1/8 MPH 1/4 ET 1/4 MPH RWYB Car 1.3140 2.7510 11.0730 63.7200 17.1780 78.4200 RWYB Car 1.1680 2.6120 10.9840 63.6900 17.1760 78.7800 RWYB Car 1.1060 2.6910 11.0090 63.9600 17.0750 80.0700 A Pok-Rok 1.0030 2.6480 10.9050 64.8900 16.9710 80.3600 A Pok-Rok 0.9520 2.6520 10.9930 64.0200 17.0490 80.6200 A Pok-Rok 0.8620 2.6710 11.0570 63.9100 17.1560 80.1900 A Pok-Rok 0.8990 2.5920 10.8700 64.9800 16.9580 79.8200 A Pok-Rok 0.8050 2.6410 10.9670 64.2300 17.0240 80.6800 16.95 sec 1/4 mile run was the best I managed on the day. York isn't the best of strips, the surface lacks the bite/grip of some others. Enough of the excuses though, the car and I have both moved on a bit since that day.
  10. After some banter on Phatali's thread with regards to Drag Racing at York Raceway, I managed to dig out my results from running there some time ago. Just on with trying to sort a Cut & Paste onto here......
  11. Evening all! Bit of a catch up since last update...... Croft. Latest round of the Toyota Sprint Series this year. My local circuit, and the 2nd time that I've managed to race there now. Similar, if slightly longer layout to last season, so times can't really be compared. We got to run about 7/8th's of the circuit as is, with the addition of an elongated chicane placed on the approach to Tower Bend. My car runs in Class D - Street. This was the 'lowest' class featured at this round, and as such, I wasn't expecting to do too well in respect to overall times. Main 'battle' if you will would be against my good pal Steve (Ant182) in his similarly specced E12 T3. We even had a few Supercharged Swifts in attendance, along with a couple of stripped out Alfas and a track prepared 205, so these were obviously going to be running away from us with their times. The day went really well, even the threatened rain stayed away until the last couple of runs, which meant we could knuckle down and get down to whittle the times down as the runs progressed. I was very surprised by my first run, which seemed ok but resulted in quite a quick time, one which I only just bettered all day. This being in stark comparison to my previous events in which my starting time was slowly bettered throughout the day, me ending up several seconds quicker by close of play. The car went really well, a slight adjustment to the front end helped the 'feel' in the quicker corners, and I was (and still am) quite surprised at my times when compared to some of the others. At the end of the event, I finished 21st overall, 1st in Class. Posting a faster time than a Celica GT and GT4, Glanza Turbo, Steves Corolla, a 3.0 Supra and both stripped out Alfas. Not only that, but I was also awarded the 'Hard Charger' award for Driver of the Day, which I was staggered and chuffed to get. Huge grins and a few blushes! Really pleased with the old car, even if she is starting to look a bit rough around the edges.......bit like me I guess!
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