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  1. Extract from a letter I received from Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) Vehicle Safety Branch September 2012. “There is no direct legislation that requires a dealership to conduct any Technical Service Bulletin, however, VOSA would be concerned if the bulletin was in regard to a safety critical repair and the dealership/repairer failed to follow the manufacturer's advice”. JC
  2. Food for thought, a quote from Pistonheads forum 3 years ago - “The biggest problem with them is that they let all the soot and rubbish from the exhaust clog up the inlet. This not only lowers performance but makes the emissions worse and reduces engine life - it's a fantastic own goal by the environmentalists. They may work OKish when the engine is new but after just 10,000 miles they can clog up, fail to close properly, waste boost pressure, increase emissions etc Black it off and if possible, clean the inlet manifold - your engine will run much smoother, quieter, be more economical and make
  3. Sorry Peter, I stand corrected, you are right, I should have mentioned egr parts and not valve. Its just most people refer to the egr valve. It was me being lazy and inaccurate. I was letting bob know he's not the only only one to officially report the problem. Regards JC
  4. Make that two Bob (pun not intended) I had a letter back from VOSA 12 September 2012 which stated they had reported my concerns to Toyota UK who in turn contacted the dealership to look into the problem. After persistence by phone and letters problem sorted - new EGR (valve) Correction - associated parts. JC
  5. 2ndGear


    Very good points Mike and David. I tend to hold onto my cars and this is my first new car. My previous cars didn't have air conditioning. The IQ is basic manual 59 plate with no climate control so the refrigerator is on or off, I've never tried it with the heater on. Cheers.
  6. 2ndGear


    Thank you for your comments. I have learnt a lesson. I will make the phone call. I was expecting you to say the cost was much more. The number of times it is useful are few and far between and a high cost would make me think twice. David who wins during the winter hot or cold? Also isn't the mpg dramatically affected? Cheers JC
  7. 2ndGear


    Hi, my black IQ is nearly five years old and has done very few miles (8k). The uk weather being what is is means I have not had the aircon on many times. I know I have been negligent in not running it from timeto time as mentioned in the manual. Now that we've been having a heat wave I turned it on and found it giving out only slightly cooler air than outside and not the chilled air that it emitted when new. Is it possible to do a DIY job on this or do I have to take it in for a service? I'm frightened to phone and find the cost, so if members can arm me with some knowledge it would lessen th
  8. Stripes - Found this image a couple of years ago.
  9. 2ndGear

    Tyres: Speed Rating

    Don't forget we've been having a mild winter and a cold snap can reduce the mpg quite a lot. Just a thought. JC
  10. I've done 6,300 miles in four years so it's going to take me one hundred and six years! JC
  11. IQ-1 2009 and not garaged. Just cleaning some debris from the base of the windscreen wiper and noticed the rubber grommet/boot/seal was badly split in fact both wiper seals were split. I've no idea how long it has been like this and I guess without attention this may lead to problems. Worth a check.
  12. That's a great idea. Only one other problem to solve..... how to get youngsters, teenagers and older to put the seatbelt clip in the slot when they get out!
  13. 2ndGear

    Iq Spotting

    I was in a convoy of IQ's at the traffic lights on the Isle of Wight a few months ago.......... Can a convoy be two cars?
  14. Thank you for your comments. I have looked at a few adverts for screen scratch repairs. I am a little suspicious of some of the claims. First hand experience from someone who has tried one on the IQ would be great. I understand the glass is a bit special. Cheers JC
  15. Someone has scratched my front windscreen from top to bottom in “Zone A” UK MOT. Does anyone know if this a MOT test failure? The perpetrator wins as I am really pead-off. I understand you cannot remove scratches, some say you can, but suffer smudging in the area and at night can be more of a problem. Any thoughts welcome. Trying to lift my chin..... JC
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