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  1. Alfiejts Thank you for the information it has been most useful. The consumption is disappointing as I got more MPG from my 8 year old 1.6 Nissan Almera but the Yaris is a nice car once you get used to the quirky gearbox. Dave
  2. I have a 2010 Yaris 1.33 with Easydrive. The adverts say that the average petrol consumption is 55 miles MPG but the best I have ever got is 40 MPG. At the moment it is only doing 35 MPG. Most of my driving is around town with a few short trips on the motorway. I don't use the manual gearchange options only Easydrive. A few months after I bought the car ago I told the garage that I wasn't happy with the petrol consumption and they SAY they tested the car and it was OK. What MPG do other Yaris drivers with Easydrive get? Dave
  3. My wife who hasn’t driven for 10 years has now decided to start driving again. We have a Yaris 1.33 and because of the low bonnet she has difficulty in judging how far the car is from the kerb. She is having refresher driving lessons and the instructor said she should use the centre consul to judge the distance but does anyone have a better idea? Thanks. Dave
  4. I have a 2010 1.33 Yaris with an Easydrive gearbox. When I am in a traffic jam the car jerks a lot in bottom gear. When it changes up to second it is OK. This is very diconcerting and dangerous and means I have to keep a good distance from the car in front. I took it back to the garage and the mechanic said it is normal for an easydrive bo. He said there was no way it could be adjusted. Does anyone else have this problem? Also at the moment the car only does 30 miles to the gallon. Will this get better as the car wears in or is there a problem? Dave
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