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  1. Runs from negative side of coil usually. If its multicoil then use the tacho interface unit from a Mitsubishi VR4 turbo as it combines the two outlets into one.
  2. You need the t50 gearbox or use a w57 via a NiteParts W55>4ag bellhousing. Converting the corolla?
  3. www.club4ag.com Send beer to NZ haha :D
  4. We use them all the time. Just run a hose from the cam cover breather to a catch can (i make them out of alloy) and make sure you use a k&n filter or similar on the top of the can to allow the engine to still breathe. Last thing you want to do is over pressurise the head.
  5. Could be meaning the 02 sensor in the exhaust headers. Broken wire or faulty sensor maybe. Im just guessing thou.
  6. What state of tune is it in currently? Have you done the obvious Intake/Exhaust upgrades?
  7. They are good little cars all round. You really need to invest in some good quality lowering springs and a decent set of shocks as they are not all that wonderful around corners untill you've lowered them. Engine wise they're pretty good and I've found them to be very reliable. Being a older car Rust plays a big part in the purchase price. They usually go under the windscreen and at the bottom of the A pillar. Starter motors are easy to find, you just need to replace it with and 2e (thats the engine type) starter motor, I'm not sure but I'd say any E series starter would also fit. As for pics, Ive got a couple. Email me. Here's pics of my two EP71's and I don't think there is many of them around in Australia so if the price is ok I'd buy it. Cheers Stu
  8. Rip the super charger off and slap a turbo on.... like I did. As an example, my mates ae101 gtz levin now has 173kw at the wheels (17psi) with the use of a turbo instead of the super charger. There is some awesome power to be made with the ze engine.
  9. Thought so. Yes the AW11 Mr2 had the 4age aswell.
  10. I thought all AE86's had a 4age standard. The AE85 has the 3a.
  11. Very reliable. Just keep the oil and filter changes regular, change the cam belt every 100,000km or so and don't wind the boost up past 18psi (on stock turbo and fueling) and you'll be fine. The gearbox sometimes ****s a diff but only if your a rapist. Rust is the main killer in them - bottom of the A pillar and around the bottom of the windscreen, sometimes the top of the firewall too. All things said they're good cars/engines.
  12. No the 4ag didn't come out as a turbo option. You can turbo most of the 4age family with great results but the best is of course the 4agze as its factory fitted with forged internals. We've had no problems with turbo applications on Blue Top (88kw) and Red Top (100kw) engines (no compression or internal changes) as long as fueling is addressed. One particular blue top ran 15psi for over a year and is still running perfectly. The super super important part is fueling. Can't stress this enough.
  13. I had a local exhaust company fabricate me up some 4 into 1 tuned length extractors, then had them heat treated. The made a massive difference. Unfortunatly I sold them when I swapped to the 2e-telu engine. They cost me around $350nz from memory which is quite expensive but they were a one off as no aftermarket extractors were available off the shelf.
  14. From memory the idle speed is 795rpm or there abouts.
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