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  1. Good to see you fixed it yourself! That's a first, normally everyone relies on the dealers. The experience is always good, but like the post above me suggested; would of been nice to make a 'how-to' ;) Maybe next time? :D
  2. Seems a little excessive, but compared to some of the prices others have quoted on here.. fair play. :P
  3. How do you go from a GTi to an Aygo..?
  4. This all seems a bit silly for a glove box lid. They should of come as standard, surely? £66-99 fitted inc vat is... erm, a little excessive for a bit of plastic and a hinge. ;)
  5. For the mudflaps and what..?
  6. A full job would indeed mean pulling all the trim out and getting the bare shell painted which could cost a lot. But if you pull some trim back, look under the bonnet (or just the engine bay in general) you'll see it's not painted. I'm still looking into it, but if I go ahead with this it will be a wrap. B)
  7. I hadn't realised.. my bad. :D Edit: After having a read through the topic, there was only 1 reply that was an Aygo (which was your own) with the other 2 being 107's.
  8. I've never seen or heard of how far these cars can go so I thought I'd create a topic where you can post your mileage and any essentials repairs which have been carried out in the process to get it there. Currently 6023 and only the recall so far. :D
  9. My reply was directed at the OP, not yourself. Wow some ones touchy about some one else having an opinion on a public forum. I'm sorry I couldn't comply with your personal preferences. Should we amend our replies to accomodate yours despite you not creating the topic?
  10. I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with your new car. :)
  11. The inside doesn't come painted as standard anyway, you'd only be looking at the small strips under the sills and the dials. Besides, I've opted for the wrap. :P
  12. My reply was directed at the OP, not yourself.
  13. I've looked into it further and for the respray you could be talking around the 1.5k mark. For the vinyl wrap, you can get it under a grand and from a reputable company, they can guarantee the paintwork will be preserved. So far I've checked 2 companies and Tint K (http://tintk.com/) seem to provide a good service.
  14. Considering it screams when doing 70mph, I haven't dared to push it further. :D
  15. Debaging makes the finish look smoother and easier to clean/polish. I didn't know that. Do you have any pictures?
  16. This could be worth considering! I was thinking possibly black or red. I didn't realise that was the name of it.. no way am I telling my friends or next I'll be hearing 'gayman blue' :D As above, hopefully I wont have 'gayman blue' anymore :D I'll check for cost of vinyl wrapping.
  17. I'm bored of blue trim, or as my friends call it "!Removed! blue". Besides, it seems everyone has the blue trim these days.
  18. Thoese ones are just cheap bits of plastic though. Has anyone tried rubber ones from (forgive me) Halfrauds or similar?
  19. I never thought I'd say it, but you should of gone with the Fiat :D. The 500 is indeed a sturdy car and doesn't suffer from the same cheap manufacturing the Aygo seems to have.
  20. Does anyone kow how much you'd be looking at for a full respray on the Aygo?
  21. I didn't think it was. Besides, they looked better before.
  22. Welcome to the family. :D
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