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  1. Here are some non-elegant solutions available in the Japanese market: Price is almost 160 quid! http://wagon-s.net/?pid=17231640
  2. niwabc

    Worst Mpg Ever

    Was there a difference in MPG with and without those wheels? You'd be surprised how much impact putting a massive steamroller of a wheel like that on each corner has on fuel economy.
  3. I have discs on mine!
  4. Not really an issue for 99.99% of the owners. This is an economy car so it really has no need for such a device. Only the ones crazy enough to take it to the track will probably ever notice. Easiest solution is to ensure that you have a full tank of gas.
  5. The place is actually Nishiura, Japan. So they simply added a bit of spice by adding the word "Spa" in front of it I suppose. There is also an actual spa nearby, so perhaps a play on that as well. Anyway, fuel starvation. Fuel inside the tank moves away from the pump and pump pickups and is no longer able to be sucked up and delivered to the engine. This can lean out (too little gasoline) the air/fuel mixture and cause engine damage if done excessively. High-performance vehicles often have barriers (baffles) installed within the tank to prevent the fuel from moving around too much. I don't believe the iQ has such a device.
  6. Went to a new circuit (Spa Nishiura) nearby to shakedown the iQ. Totally stock trim. (GRMN model) Played around with VSC on and off and it seems to have enough mechanical grip once the tires are warm to render the electronic band-aids unnecessary but I can see how they might be useful for low-traction scenarios. Key points that can be improved: 1. Gearing + LSD (if possible) 2. Shift feel (Especially 1st-2nd) 3. Fuel tank starvation (In a normal iQ this would be fine, but this is supposed to be a GAZOO RACING PERFORMANCE MODEL. Let's have a full package capable of supporting the impressive suspension). 4. Quicker steering ratio, less EPS assist 5. Reposition mode/reset button for the Multi-information display 6. Consider deleting Start/Stop if it allows engine to rev faster and give better response 7. MORE POWER!!! With a set of stickier tires and a full tank of gasoline, I think I could have cut at least 5 seconds off. It grips like crazy once you get some heat in the tires, but the fuel starvation is something that needs to be addressed. I was planning on using the first hour to get a feel for the car and just see how it handled the tight transitions and high-speed braking, and the second hour to go on a more aggressive attack but ran into the fuel issue partway through.
  7. Dealer swapped out our M/C with a new one. Pedal feels fine now. Just as it was before the previous one failed. The technician said that the one they put in had a new (different) part number, so I think we are good to go. I have a 200 mile road trip coming up soon, I'll let yall know if anything changes.
  8. There are a bunch of reports of the same problem from Japanese users here.
  9. I am 6' 5" (long legs) and fit in ours fine. (Adjustable driver seat height)
  10. There are some vehicles that exhibit a low or soft pedal normally due to the characteristics of the brake booster, but the thing that struck me as very odd was the sudden change in ours. We have tracked the car but the brakes never got up to a temp to boil the fluid, and the symptom didn't occur until 1000 kms after the event.
  11. Has anyone else experienced this? Our iQ GRMN had a very firm + responsive brake pedal up until last week (4600 kms) when it all of a sudden went VERY soft and began exhibiting the symptoms listed by bink. As a former technician, I would definitely say it is a failure of some sealed component (Master cylinder, VSC actuator, etc) in the brake system. Or a bunch of air. The dealer called us saying they personally felt that the pedal felt fine, but will be replacing the master cylinder under warranty because there have been reports of this occuring on other iQ models. Anyone else? How was this diagnosed?
  12. We have had this same problem on our Japanese iQ GRMN. It is a common issue.
  13. niwabc

    Fuel Gauge.

    Basically the fuel sender gauge in the iQ has only about 1/3 of the articulation range of a conventional unit and needed some special adjustments. Plus its the first of its kind. Think of it as prototype development....you just have to pay for it.
  14. niwabc

    Mpg Display

    Our JDM iQ reads 99.9 km/l when the situation calls for it.
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