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  1. I prefer wax to sealant, my personal taste. I'd choose Swisswax Best of Show if it was my new car.
  2. Congrats Anch on the new Rav - as it happens I know exactly how you feel :/ Once its settled in, I'd be interested to hear what the real life mpgs on the 2010 150bhp engine are? On paper, 48mpg looks very impressive but I'm a sceptic.... Just had my Dads 2010 SR auto for a few days, god the fuel economy is worse than my old T180 and it struggled to get over 30mpg. Pretty dissapointing considering Toyota list a combined on 39.8mpg figure. On that maths would you be wrong to assume a real life manual figure of 38mpg and not Toyota stated 48mpg? If it really achieved 45mpg+ I'd have one in a heartbeat. Enjoy Blue
  3. I saw one driving out of McRae and ***** in Inverness only yesterday. It was White and looked blooming lovely! What is the view out the back like though? Looked very restricted to me? The driver (which I presume was a salesman) had a huge grin on his face! They are currently redesigning the Landrover garage just up from my office, I presume for the launch of the Evoque, it's all covered in black privacy curtains so I'm guessing they are prepping the showroom! Nice looking car, bet you can't wait! Blue
  4. I only had them for 4 months! Put brand new Continental ContiCrossContact Winters on them and ran them through winter. Then come April I had got tired of the runflats debacle and the clunky 1st to 2nd gear change and sold my T180 after 3 years usage. Tyres and wheels probably cost me nearly £1500, but gave them away in the sale... The Catanias were fine for the short time I had them. I liked the T180s OEM wheels and the Catania because they are relatively simple design and easy to keep clean. I did first think the Catania were brighter than the OEM - but once on the car, no real difference. Thanks. Wee Charlie. Charlie, you planning a new range rover then?
  5. Blue. I should have bought them and stuck a set of ordinary tyres on for all year use... And only put on winter tyres in extreme weather...... Doh. Bit slow !!! If things change and they become available You have My number or drop Me a PM ??. Nice to see You back !. Wee Charlie. Well I might be back with a 4.2 in the not too distant future, perhaps early 2012. Thinking maybe a 2003-05 model XTR or similar as decent second car to run locally, w/e and winter use etc. As much as I miss the T180 my current mileage is averaging 3000/month and would be very costly in the T180. Blue
  6. Winter wheels are the last thing you wanna buy at the start of summer though. Great investment, my poor T180 was the business in winter last year - nowhere it wouldnt go. Will be missed Blue
  7. Blue I've just sent You a PM.. Just posting here in case You miss it .. Thanks. Wee Charlie. I could have sold these three times over! My dad decided he wanted them for the upcoming winter so bought them off me. Couldn't say no as he gave me such a good deal on the T180 to start with. Blue
  8. I just bought 4 x Hankook Icebear w300's for upcoming winter on a good deal. They get great reviews and my friend uses them up here in the Highlands and really rates them. But IMO you can't go wrong with Vredesteins, I've used them for years on focus St, Mondeo, Golf, T180 never let me down or had any problems. They are good on both wet and dry roads also and tyre noise is not excessive. I have found them to last at least 3 winters. You won't go wrong with them. I would also look at Nokian, I was very tempted to try them out this winter my friend in Norway wouldn't use anything else, the original snow tyre! Blue
  9. Metoy - don't waste your money on a LC. The Rav4 is extremely capable in snow and Ice. Please see my thread above as I am selling a virtually new set of genuine Toyota alloys and Vredestein snow tyres withonly 4 months use - barely even used any tread on the tyres in this time. The Rav was great fun and I will miss it next winter :(
  10. bluevortex

    Rav4 Going

    All the best mate, what car you changing to?
  11. Thanks chrisjok and Webley much appreciated guys as this was a tough decision but always had a thing for Audi cars. Despite the negative comparisons I'm still really excited, I think the A4 avant is a great car and ive always had a hankering for one plus the missus really likes em too and trust me she has great taste :) Blue
  12. Well I averaged 42-45mpg in a brand new 2.0Tdi QUATTRO S-line 170bhp in 2007 so I think 50mpg is easily achievable with the 140bhp non-quattro. Anyway, I live in the Highlands of Scotland mate - town driving pffff.... I take it you ain't been this far up lately :)
  13. Thanks for all the posts guys this was a hard decision especially as the car has been in my family from new. I will be sad to see the T180 go but other than snow capacbility and space, it just doesn't meet our needs at present. As our only vehicle, I need a car that's going to give me 50mpg+, 30 is not acceptable and it would cost me easily £100-150 a week in fuel alone struggling to get 300 miles from a tank. If fuel continues to climb (£2/litre ) how desirable is an 4x4 that returns 30mpg going to seem?? I already noticed a huge drop in valuation over the last months. The bottom line is I will be covering £25k miles per annum and need something that can produce 500 miles per tank. Our Golf was perfect in this respect but a wee bit small and strting to age at 85,000 miles. I figure it's the same engine in the A4 (140bhp) and the Audi offers more space in the boot and looks the <the spuds of lurrrrvve>s. Charlie, thanks for your comment re the down points for the Audi but I could easily say there are serious down points in the Rav4 (Run flats, no spare wheel, poor fuel economy, annoying &#33;Removed&#33; ice sensor light, crap underbody protection guard, creeking steering rack, EGR valve etc). In terms of the ride quality of the A4 S line, I am not too fussed about this, I owned a A3 Quattro S line in 2007 and yes there was some road noise from the 18" alloys but no more than these current RFT's give me! Anyways the SE (or old man spec) is not for me, I'd happily go for larger wheels, sporty looks instead and live with a slighlty harder suspension! My Rav4 was needing 4 new tyres shortly, plus road tax and MOT - not that this was a major contributing factor to getting rid of the car but only strengthened the deal I got on the Audi - 2 new tyres, 12 months Tax and MOT and just been serviced, add to that 2 years warranty and they dealer paying my residual golf finance saving me £200 (£150 finance and £50 isnurance per month) it started to feel like a no brainer. Anch, yeah my poor old dad is dissapointed but understands needs must. knowing the mileage I cover for work and personal he did say that it might not be the most suitable car for me, don't tell him but he was right. I have 4 XTR wheels/vredestein snow tyre combo that are in as new condition, hardly any wear over the last winter. I plan to ffer these to him for use on his Rav4 over coming winters. i appreciate he sold me the car at a decent price figure one good turns desrves another! The plan is to get a set of winter tyres for my A4 and see how it gets on. If needs must I will pickup an old 4x4 (maybe even an early 4.2) to get me about in winter time on very bad days. That seems to be the done thing around here anyway. I will be popping in from time to time and will wait and see what the 4.4 brings with it next year or 2013??? Blue
  14. Well after much consideration today we decided to part ways with our T180 and VW Golf. As we only need one car for the forseeable future and I could not justify the high fuel costs of the T180 as our only car. currently, covering 25,000 miles per annum needed something a little better than 31mpg (at best). So as of next week, I will be owning an Audi A4 Avant 2.0tdi S line in black. Absolutely cracking car, 45k should suit my family needs perfectly. Managed to blag a 2 year warranty to go with it. Pretty chuffed. I will be disappointed to see the T180 go but needs must I'm afraid. I have no doubt that i will own a Rav4 again at some point in the future... Anyways, great forum, lovely people nice to know you all over the last 12 months Blue
  15. bluevortex

    Keep Safe

    Oh god, it's soo &#33;Removed&#33; windy. Power cuts and slow iphone internet, it's like the dark ages!! I suggested snuggling up in front of the log burner with the mrs but she snubbed me and had her nose in a book instead BORED Blue