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  1. That's great - thanks for the diagram. I have a flexible pipe where the oxygen sensor should be according to diagram, but I'll look further up as couldn't get directly beneath firewall yesterday. Will post any updates. Cheers, Daniel
  2. Hi all, I need to change the oxygen sensor on my 2003 Toyota Avensis d4d. Can someone please point me in the right direction as to where I can find this sensor, as have been all over the engine bay and underside and can't seem to locate it anywhere. The only place I can't really see is the turbo area due to limited access. Have I missed it or is it towards the rear between engine and firewall? Any help much appreciated as can't afford to take it to the main dealer. Cheers, Daniel
  3. Hi Igor. Many thanks for your reply. Would make sense actually. Where is the vacuum impulse tube between turbo actuator and manifold please? Cheers, Daniel
  4. Hi All. Another little update - tried disconnecting the battery for an hour, and this time, I know the ECU was definitey reset as the windows up/downfunction was reset as well, unlike previous occasions. I took the car out for a drive - it works like a dream as long as you do not rev it past 2000rpm. As soon as you rev it past that, you can hear the turbo stop whining and the car loses power and can barely continue accelerating. No engine lights or anything are coming on. I've put some injector cleaner into the tank, and after driving it about for approx half an hour, it is slightly better. Also, if I stick it into second, I can manage to rev it up to 3500, but with the loss of power continuing. Any ideas anyone.....anything appreciated. Cheers, Daniel
  5. Hi All, My 2003 Avensis (2.0 D4D) was losing power intermittently, so after reading up on the forum, I decided to have a go at cleaning the EGR. The EGR was not too bad, and after cleaning, looked like new. Whilst I was at it, I also dismantled the intake manifold and cleaned the throttle body as this was full of dirt and gum, and from previous experience on other car makes, this also helps. The turbo pressure sensor and the other sensor on the intake manifold just next to it (I suspect Manifold air temperature) were also full of oil and carbon, so I gave them a little squirt with Carb Cleaner as well. After all this, car works really smoothly especially at idle, but the only problem is that the turbo stops boosting beyond 2000rpm, and it is EXTREMELY hard to get the car to accelerate beyond 20mph. It is like there is fuel starvation of some sort, or maybe the turbo somehow stops working and I get N/A 2.0 diesel instead! I have disconnected the battery for a while a couple of times to reset the ECU, and I have checked to make sure that all the connections and pipes are tight. No problems found. No Engine management light or other lights came on at any stage. Can anyone help me please, as I've gone from having an occasional problem to a nearly undriveable car! Fuel filter should have been changed at last service about 2000miles ago. Any help much appreciated please. Daniel
  6. Hi Guys Thank you very much for all of your replies. Actually, after having read your posts, I think the glowplugs might be causing all of this as it was always a bit hard on starting, even in the summer. Also, when the car is cold during the day (i.e. temperature slightly higher), this does not happen. I will check the glowplugs tomorrow morning and hopefully that will be the cure tot the dreaded white smoke. I'll let you know what the outcome is. I'm glad you guys don't seem to think it is the headgasket though. Cheers and many thanks to everyone. Daniel
  7. Hi people I am new to this forum, so hello to everyone. I own a 53 reg Avensis with 2.0 D4D with 89k miles on the clock with FSH. I have owned this car for 7 months now. Lately, since the weather has gone cold, I've noticed the car is smoking white heavily when it is cold. This is not the normal condensation smoke, as it lasts for the first 3-5 minutes of actually driving the car. I've also tried to smell the smoke, and although most of the time it is odourless, I did think I smelt the sweet smell of burning antifreeze once or twice. Also, the smoke does not seem to come out constantly, but comes out in sudden puffs, a bit like it is only coming out of one piston. However, I have been checking the coolant level, and it hasn't lost a drop of water. Power is pretty much the same. Car is not overheating even on long journeys or when stuck in traffic. There is also no bubbling or compression coming through the expansion tank. The only slight difference is that it is sometimes difficult to start early in the morning and often requires 2 or 3 turns of the starter. ( Might be the glowplugs here - haven't checked them out yet - would they give a warning light if they fail?) I suspect that it is a blown head gasket. But then you would expect the car to loose coolant no? Also, the smoking issue seems to occur when the car is parked facing downhill, and is practically non-existent when parked facing uphill, which makes me wonder whether some form of condensation is working it's way up the exhaust and then just burning off as steam. Today I got a new symptom - I started the car after having been parked at work for about 8 hours. When I came to turn the steering wheel, it just turned in jerks - almost as if I had no power steering one second, and powersteering the next, then no powersteering again and so on. It settled after a couple of seconds, and didn't come back again on a 3 hour drive! I am booked at a mechanic towards the beginning of next week, but I am quite concerned about all of this, especially since I've recently sold my Y reg BMW which had been perfectly reliable, thinking that the Toyota was more reliable in the long-term....and here we go now! Any ideas as to what sort of bill I'm looking at? I should still have a warranty from when I bought it from the main dealer....any tips of how to go about dealing with the warranty company to make sure they do not quote some loop hole somewhere and get out of it on some grounds of wear and tear? Many thanks for your help and advice, and sorry for the long post. Daniel
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