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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying to source a replacement heater matrix for me '92 Carina E. The old one has had it, I tried a bit of Rad Weld for a quick fix but it didn't work. Due to the recent cold weather, and with the heater not working, it's like driving a fridge. Combine that with the water leak inside the car and I find myself having to de-frost the inside of the windows as well as the out. Either that or I have a sea of condensation on every window. I've tried local scrap yards but no luck. Any ideas would be very welcome. Many Thanks
  2. Brilliant! Thanks v much for your help. I'm just waiting for a day off (and a dry one at that) to spend dismantling everything, fixing and then hopefully putting back in the right place!!
  3. Is it easy to get to? When you say the fascia is it just the central part with the radio/heater controls etc or the surround that forms part of the dashboard as well? I'm trying to source a replacement matrix too - any ideas?? Thanks
  4. My 1992 Carina 1.6 is having a few summer problems and I'm hoping someone can help me. My car overheated on the motorway and I ended up having to pay 250 quid to have a new water pump fitted (with Cam Belt change at the same time!). This worked for a couple of weeks and then it overheated again. To fix it I now find myself having to constantly fill up the radiator and expansion tank. However the water from the cooling system seems to leak into the offside rear passenger footwell! Has anyone else had this problem or is this a unique problem?! Any advice would help a lot...
  5. Hi I'm hoping someone will be able to help or has encountered the same problem before. Initially I had a problem with the indicator stalk that resulted in the indicators failing to work and a noisy buzzing sound coming from the stalk area. They would only work if I cancelled them and turned them on again. I decided to try and fix this; so I took the steering wheel off as well as the surrounding shroud to investigate. There was a small piece of metal secured with 2 screws that sits at the end of the stalk and plays a part in the dipped/main beam process (the ball bearing from the stalk "sits" in this piece of metal and allows you to choose dipped or main beam) I cleaned up the stalk and when I fitted everything back and turned on the lights, only the full beam worked. I then removed everything again and realised I had fitted this piece of metal the wrong way round. So I adjusted this and fixed it all back. Now the beam of the headlights 'jumps' between the dipped and full although I can override this by holding the stalk in a certain position (NOT ideal when driving). I think I have either fitted it back wrong or I may have lost a vital part of the mechanism which fits to the piece of metal. I was hoping that someone on here may have a picture of what this should look like so I can work from that or know how to fix this. I have looked for a picture online and cant find one and the pictures in the Haynes manual seem to be of a later model and are different to mine. Any help would be great, sorry if this doesn't make mush sense! Thanks
  6. Hi philbee, Its the 1.6 4A-FE lean burn engine. The buzzing sound seems to be coming from the indicator stalk itself. I would like to fix it myself and the chap I bought it from said it shouldn't be too difficult. Can you assist at all? Thanks
  7. Hi another newbie here, I've just bought at '92 Carina E GLI. Its in pretty good nick apart from one or two things. I'm hoping I can delve into the brains of more knowledgeable people than myself on this forum! The indicator stalk works OK but sometimes it buzzes and the indicators stop working. If I cancel them and do it again it seems to correct itself and works fine. The chap I bought it from said it could be the relay for the indicators. Does this sound correct to anyone? If so, how difficult would it be to fix this and where do I start?!! Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks Pete