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  1. Lets start taking these cracking windscreens seriously. There is a major problem here,this has happened to me too,car parked overnight and huge horizontal crack across the window in the morning.The car never moved.
  2. David Ke

    Winter Tyres

    You need to read up on Winter Tyres first. Your Toyota Dealer will store your summer tyres for you usually free.Fit 4 or them.
  3. With today's deluge of severe rain and the possibility of having to drive into or out of water got me thinking of where the air intake on the iQ3 it is. How far above ground level is it. Where is it located as I know of some cars that have them really low down.
  4. Yes you are stuck with odd sized tyres which are expensive, Bridgestone seem to be the only ones available and are abysmal
  5. Why on earth they needed to put it on the front windscreen, unbelievable!
  6. David Ke

    Toyota Badge

    Sorry don't agree with the last two posters,I would love to see the finished article and I am sure it will look fab'
  7. Had my Falken Winter Tyres fitted to my iQ3 today at Helensburgh Toyota the total cost was £391.97 which included VAT and wheel balancing . No problem at all,the car was also washed ,polished and vacuumed out for me and the alloy wheels were cleaned too with the added bonus of storing the "Summer Tyres" for me for free, now that's great service and I am Completely Satisfied and would recommend them without question now.
  8. I too am still waiting on this fix,it's really not on from Toyota to ask for this recall and they don't have the parts available to fix it. Their excuse to me was that other dealerships are now sitting with a stockpile of these parts which are needed to fix my car, !Removed! ridiculous they need a swift kick in the **** . Also still waiting on my own dealership( Helensburgh Toyota) to take delivery of Winter Tyres ordered on the 1st November,two weeks and still no tyres , beginning to loose faith in them too.
  9. And of today's date there are 28 In Stock
  10. Don't think you'll find these Falken tyres any cheaper remember Mr T is quoting for these tyres for the iQ3 Hi David Your details were passed on to me by Falken, I understand you are looking for 4pcs 175/60r16 Winter tyres, I can supply 4pcs 175/60r16 82H Falken Ohtsu HS 439 Winter Tyres @ £79.50+vat each including delivery to you, they will take 7-10 days to order, if your interested please give me a call Regards John Nye Wheeltraders 01708 555107 www.wheeltraders.co.uk
  11. Where can you get them?
  12. How do you find the Michelin winter Tyres? I was in Costco today and they have them in stock they quoted me £76.78 each fully fitted that's foe the Michelin Alpin's Do you have another set of wheels to put them on?
  13. David Ke

    Scenic Drive

    Sounds Interesting
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