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  1. hisnhers

    the boot pix

    How to fix the problem of losing things from the boot when you open the door.
  2. I have a Rav4 with a 'rollerblind', it is leatherette with a metal bar and holes in it to match the headrest holes. At the other end there is sprung bar sewn into the leatherette which is compressed and then slots into the recesses that are at the back of the 'boot'. If you buy a shower curtain pole and cut to size and then get the leatherette, the metal bar, drill the holes, sew the leatherette to the size and fit - simps !!!!!!! would you like pix? I will attempt to upload some when I discover how it is done.
  3. I have a 5 door Rav4 with the 'roller blind' type fitting, unable to buy another - discontinued. However if you buy a shower curtain rail with spring inside, cut to size to fit into the 'recesses' at each side, then buy some leatherette and sew to size and fit. A flat piece of metal (with four holes to match the two headrests) sewn inside the leatherette. Place the flat bar with holes into the headrests and then pull the 'bar' to the back and 'spring' into the recesses at the back then --- bingo you have your 'roller blind'.!!!!!
  4. hisnhers - new member - we have Rav4, 5door for me and Rav4 3door for her indoors, hence the username hisnhers
  5. It says 'oreview post' and then there appears to be nowhere to actually 'post' anything???

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