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  1. Brand new apex lowering springs for E12 corolla 2.0 D4D. will lower your car by 40mm. Had bought these a while back but never fitted. As brand new condition. Code 170-2220 on apex suspension site Pics to follow. £75 ono. Can br collected in Leicester area or posted at buyers cost circa £15 with parcel force
  2. yes. waiting for the light to go out before attempting start
  3. Hi all recently have had some problems with cold starts. replaced all 4 plugs about 6-8 months ago as 2 were dead. Replaced battery 1 montn ago but still very difficult to start. This morning, car temp guage reading -5C and it was almost impossible to get started. any ideas where i go from here to try and elicit the problem? Thanks Jonathan
  4. battery purchased and fitted. will post results of change and hopefully cold starts will be much improved :)
  5. Have reserved this one at euro car parts. will get extra 15% off with voucher code battery15 for anyone else interested! opinions?
  6. cheers for all the info. the battery that's in at the moment has just the SAE 690amps and reserve capacity time 135 mins. it's a 'Yuasa' brand. is this OEM stock brand? Plus, is the SAE same as cold crank ampage or what is it? thanks
  7. hi all i think im in need of a new battery and cant seem to find out what the OEM spec are for my car in terms of aH, cold crank etc. it's a 2004 2.0 D4D corolla T3. Thanks J
  8. Hi all I have a brand new set of 4 APEX lowering springs for the diesel corolla which i've had for a little while and have never got around to getting fitted, and probably never will so am offering them to you guys same as these on this site almost £120 new. these have nevere been fitted to a car and are completely new. £75 including delivery many thanks J
  9. goes shiny again. its just i dont remember the set of discs and pads before replacement being that noisy or rusty after standing, although they were from Mr. T so maybe better quality?
  10. Since i changed the brake discs and pads (all 4) last summer, i've noticed that after standing overnight, the first few presses on the brakes gives a bad grinding sound. today, i took a couple of pics of the brake assemblies and it seems to me that there is an awful amount of rust on them having just been sat for about 36 hrs. what do you think? is it to do with the disc brand etc? the brakes work very well once the surface rust has been worn off. just wondering are the discs damaged or faulty. IIRC they were just standard blueprint ones thanks JG
  11. £25 delivered anywhere within uk
  12. on ebay now
  13. same lights as those on this car in v.good condition, complete with bulb holder assembly
  14. have both drivers and passenger side rear lights for pfl corolla for sale. £20 each side collected in leicester area. £25 each delivered thanks jonathan