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  1. Been offered some cheap alloys 17x7 205/40/17 tyre size offset et38 will they fit a t sputnick? Thanks chaps and chappettes
  2. You can buy a new connector (the bit that goes into the back of the black plug) from toyota and connect it to the old wire
  3. Anyone had issues with the alarm on their facelift t sport? My alarm sets off if a strong gust of wind hits the car, it has done it a few times now. I have Heko wind deflectors fitted. Any ideaS?
  4. how can i insure the best connection? soldering? im using crimped bullet connectors at the moment
  5. Just browsing old e to the bay and came across these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Bonnet-Raisers-23mm-Toyota-Corolla-T-Sport-/280661269360?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item4158b71b70#ht_698wt_905 raise the bonnet up by 2.3cm? Is there any advantage to something like this if youve got an open cone? Also, can anyone tell me what GAUGE the wiring is from the MAF? cheers
  6. Ive got the Connects2 USB/ Aux version and it works very well although quite pricey at £55
  7. you need to use the exact same gauge wire mate, if you used a smaller cable it may increase electrical resistance and the maf might not receive or send the correct signal I used thicker gauge wire. what gauge is the standard wiring?
  8. Right well I put it on an MOT emissions tester today and the result was: Perfect. Well within all parameters. However, symptoms are still that it stinks of fuel out the bank end, and white smoke on IDLE, black smoke on LIFT. So I am a little bit foxed. I think I will check the TYPHOON, as my wiring on the MAF extension may not be making the best connections, I might also try using a smaller gauge wire. I'll also check all the connections are tight and there is no air leak anywhere. I have noticed that the coolant is dropping slightly - could be related?
  9. There was a guy there who had a Celica TSport who said he was not surprised by the results and said when he went on a rolling road day with some friends with Celicas the most the standard ones pulled at the wheels was 150bhp. The dyno tester also said that apart from the bit of overfuelling it had pulled pretty much spot on what every other t sport had ever pulled on that dyno.
  10. Is it wort changing the plugs etc do you think?
  11. does anyone have any ideas what could cause this overfuelling? Is perhaps the connection on my MAF not very good with the typhoon?
  12. Hi all. I stuck my T Sport on the rolling road today. Apart from a K&N Typhoon Induction kit it is standard performance wise. It product 144bhp + 105lbft @ the wheels. Does seem slightly low but nothing to raise eyebrows. The graph is smooth apart obviously from the big jump in power at 6k rpm. However it did reveal another problem with the car. I have noticed over recent weeks that when left to idle the car is producing white smoke, and it has a distinct petrol smell to it. The car is not burning oil. However on the rolling road today it was absolutely stinking of fuel when it was revved, and as it hit the limiter a puff of black smoke popped out like on my old diesel. I spoke to the guy running it and he said nothing looked out of the ordinary, apart from there is a big lump of overfuelling going on at 2k rpm for some reason, which would explain the "*****" as you hit his part of the power band. The guys running the road advised that I should get my CAT checked out, as they thought it could be coming to the end of its life and causing the overfuelling. Does anyone have any ideaS?
  13. I had an infinity basslink which is kind of like a halfway house between the traditional "rude boi" woofer and the possibly !Removed!-inducing underseat subwoofer
  14. You'll need one of these http://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/toyota-verso-auris-corolla-rav4-prado-steering-wheel-control-stalk-adaptor-p-10502.html and the relevant stereo patch depending on manufacturer. had a similar set up in my corsa 2002 and no issues with using the steering wheel controls and alpine head unit
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