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  1. acetip


    I have not been on the TOC for some time now,and indeed not used my Auris much either only doing about 600 miles between one MOT and the next for the last couple of years. What has brought me back is after reading an article in the motoring supplement of the Eastern Daily Press about a diesel specialist in Norwich who have purchased a DPF cleaning machine from Italy, one of only two in the country. The article gives examples of back pressure etc before and after cleaning with this machine and quotes After cleaning to bring the DPF back to 98% of a new unit. The cost of removing and cleaning
  2. I have a up and over type door and thought about fitting a motorised version but i was told it would reduce the width of the door opening.As it is i have to fold back the drivers door mirror to give a bit more room to get in and out with my Auris past the door opening. The 1991 Passat i had for 15 years you could not fold the mirrors back and wing mirror tip to tip was narrower than my Auris is. Not sure if roller door fitting is inside the brick work or the wood battens fitted to the brickwork. There is a firm just a couple of miles from me advertising auto doors for about £660 fitted,dont k
  3. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/116356-clicking-noise-from-steering/?hl=%2Bsteering+%2Bclicking. There has been several posts on this subject in the pastand i think some owners have had steering joints replaced. though not a workshop bulletin has been issued as with the corolla. Did a search using the faciliy at the top of the page putting in steering noise and Auris. My Auris does it sometimes just after starting up and reversing out of my drive. Its got no worse but i do little miliage these days.
  4. Hi John and welcome to the TOC. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Hi Randall and welcome to the club.
  6. Hi Mike and welcome to the club.Good luck with Avensis. You will get plenty of advice should you need it on the Avensis forum on here.
  7. Hi Sierra and welcome to the club. Your correct about kids and cars new or otherwise. They are a threat to the interior as carparks are to the exterior.
  8. Hi Roynette and welcome to the club.
  9. Hi Fariza and welcome to the club. Try posting on the Prius forum on here for advice as other Prius owners may have an answer to your question. Good Luck.
  10. Hi and welcome to the club.
  11. Hi Jazz and welcome to the club. your car looks in great condition.
  12. Hi Lucia and welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy.
  13. Hi Andrew and welcome back to the TOC.
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