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  1. got it sorted there folks, it actually didnt seem that overly bad, but i gave it a clean anyway. im beginning to think my problem lies elsewhere. ive noticed now when in the high boost area and i lift off i can hear a noise, not sure how to describe it, it doesnt sound that bad and not very loud, its kinda like the turbo is chattering on spool down if you can imagine that sound, why would this be happening, the turbo seems to work grand though and the car boosts well, any ideas???
  2. what is that thing then just out of interest, is it the wastegate. i had a wee nosey around the inlet manifold area but coudnt see whta id expect an egr to ook ike there, would anyone have a pic that i could use as a reference. ive read through a few egr topics on the site and my car seems different, do the newer avensis have a different type of egr set-up. thanks in advance.
  3. hi folks first post here im having some bother with my avensis think its the egr valve anyone ever cleaned one of these, ive a feeling mines blocked, having difficulty starting sometimes and intermitend boost power, car going into limp mode sometimes aswell. in this pic, (gonna get technical here) under the black cylindrical thingy at the top of the bulk head theres a wee round silver yoke with a few pipes comin out of it, is that it? its a 2.0 d4d 2004 model i borrowed this pic of another guy on this forum btw.
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