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  1. We got a mobile diesel service to come to the house and he discovered that something had gone through the turbo and deposited molten bits in the cat. The car runs but with zero boost. Also there's a snapped coil spring (how does a car even drive with a snapped coil spring?). It's a 53 plate Rav 4 GX so at best it would be worth 2000 quid trade in, so I'm thinking these repairs are pointless. How does one go about getting a car scrapped? and do you get any money for it. The car buying sites are suggesting they would give £600 or £700 but my guess is that wouldn't happen when they visited to inspect the car? Any helpfull suggestions would be very gratefully received BTW I joined the forum several years ago when it had a DMF problem and the advice on here was great. Mike
  2. Just drove daughter's car today and there's a distinct lack of oomph. She says it's been like that for years and she's just got used to it. I've done a trawl on here but the problem doesn't sound typical. There's no engine light and she's never had one. The power problem is continuous and not intermittent. She gets reasonable acceleration on gentle throttle application but revs do not build much if you press harder. I did eventually get it up to highish revs and there was a slight kick at 4000 rpm. She doesn't have any rough running but she has always had the hot starting problem which may be completely unconnected. Any suggestions would be welcome, - particularly quick fix ones first, as I'm sure any garage is going to say she needs a new turbo. Thanks Mike
  3. ... or is the diesel particle filter a much more recent innovation Thanks Mike
  4. Thanks Rav4girl, That's what my daughter concluded last night. Since the forum isn't full of cheap parts failing at 20 or 30k miles, might as well save the money and hopefully not have to fork out again until about when the genuine Toyota part would go. Mike
  5. Thanks Acetip. Understand what you are saying, but I'd still like to hear from anyone who has had the LUK kit fitted. Thanks Mike
  6. Thanks Andy .... Just had the cam belt thingy done, and have got a very good price on the LUK kit. Appreciate what you are saying Hemi (and followed the argument on long thread). But I'd really like to hear from anyone who has actually had the LUK kit fitted Thanks Mike
  7. Sorry for invading from the Rav 4 forum, but we need to make a quick decision. My daughter has got a good price for replacing the DMF and clutch but it's for the LUK kit rather than genuine Toyota or the recommended Blueprint parts. Has anyone used the LUK kit and if so has it lasted a decent time? Many thanks Mike
  8. Thanks Acetip. That could make a difference. Don't take this the wrong way but Veleo customer servcie told me they make them for Toyota, and the independent garage told me Blueprint ADL make them for Toyota .... perhaps of course they all do :-) Mike
  9. We are just about to take the plunge and replace either with the Blueprint kit, or genuine Toyota parts (at similar prices) or go for a cheaper LUK kit. We can get the LUK kit fitted for about £750 (inc clutch) whereas the genuine toyota stuff is £1600. But presumably the genuine stuff can fail again at 60k miles, so the question is has anyone any experience of failures with the cheap kits - particularly LUK? Thanks Mike
  10. I seem to remember reading somewhere in the reams of stuff on this subject that someone managed to get a refund under the sale of goods act. The implication was that it was from Toyota even though the guy had bought the car second hand from an independent dealer. Is this likely? And would we have to NOT do anything to the car before we 'sue' the independent dealer, even though we don't hold him responsible. Ughh I hate all this Mike
  11. Near Hartlepool. We keep thinking we've got it sorted (what to do) then find that the parts the garage are going to fit are not what they said they would. At the moment the garage is saying the parts are ADL (I think that's Blueprint-ADL), but his all in price is £824 fitted, and the best I can buy those parts retail is £860, so you've got to wonder whether they can really be adl parts? Mike
  12. what was the make of yours Anchorman? Thanks Mike
  13. I've found this .... it seems very cheap. Anchorman- Have you come across them before, and can I be sure that this would go on the 53 Rav4 My link Really appreciate the help guys. Toyota on Teesside say that if we buy the parts they will just charge labour, and give us a 12 month warranty on the labour. Thanks Mike
  14. I've just been speaking to Valeo's technical department and they say that they do not as yet produce any rigid flywheel/clutch kit for any Rav 4. If the rigid is a good idea can anyone suggest who it is who does it? Thanks Mike
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