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  1. Fair does your car is spotless and they came in 4 colours Red, Black, Grey, and the gold/silver colour.
  2. Thanks for the advice nrgizer!
  3. Nrgizer I'm planning on putting an intercooler on my comp, how would I calculate the size intercooler that I would need? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks Tom
  4. Where did you get your intercooler from mate? Did you use 2.5' or 2' Piping?
  5. too difficult to clean. Your not wrong there!
  6. Why don't you keep a look out for some comp wheels? Still Toyota wheels
  7. It looks like a pfl with the conversion to make it a fl, if it's a diesel it's probably a t spirit not a t sport as they only come in petrol.
  8. I got them too and can't fault them
  9. Mine is similar to that the boxes are slightly smaller nice and throaty, Longlife did a cat back system for 400 bucks and that's with a warranty too
  10. Haha get used to it I check mine every 6 months when I do oil change or service but hasn't lost a drop in a year always nice to be sure though
  11. St24rsap it's about 150ml in the charger mate, you have the instructions I guess?
  12. I'm doing a set of these, just wondering how you removed the lens without damaging the black plastic shell?
  13. Just the clutch on the pulley clicking in nothing to worry about
  14. Sorry mate ordered a full set this morning, thanks though!