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  1. Ok thanks. As position one on the ignition switch probably makes a few items live there may be 2 or 3 fuses that are okay to piggy back on to-depending on size of fuse. Probably a bit of digging around/trial & error.
  2. Thanks for the link. If using one of these, will I be able to do what I want, that is to have the cam on when ignition switch is on and off when ignition switch is off?
  3. When looking at both fuse boxes I don't think it is possible to just see a convenient point to connect to. You see all the fuses but the wires are concealed. If I could identify a point at one of the fuse boxes to connect to that was live when the ignition was switched to position one then that would be okay.
  4. I removed the plastic cover from around the ignition column on my 2006 corolla estate. How do I identify the correct 2 terminals to solder the dash cam wires to? I think there is just the live and neutral. I want the cam to be live when the ignition is turned one click (radio position).
  5. mart rotherham

    Underbody Rust

    When I bought a brand new Micra in 1992 I waxoiled it. The waxoil remained good for the 20 years I had the car.Original paint still on underneath after all those years. But, and here's the thing-I had used it from the car being new, and checked regularly. Also after being jacked up where the underbody gets scape. On used cars, I stopped using it as like you I think old engine oil is better. If I bought a brand new car again I think I would still use old engine oil now I don't ever recall seeing a rusty piece of metal lying around that had oil on it. **The last can of Waxoil I got a few years ago was much thinner than it used to be back in the day.**
  6. One of the plastic covers that is under the engine & gearbox area is hanging down. I don't know if the grommets there are all one size? I am hoping they are, so I can go to the Toyota dealers and buy a few. MOT next week (at another garage) so should get a chance to shove them in while it up on the ramp. Anyone know if they are all the same size on the 2006 Corolla estate?
  7. mart rotherham

    Underbody Rust

    I certainly sympathise there Oldcodger. The task of wire brushing rust off and undersealing has never been a pleasant sort of task. The tedium of getting in to the nooks & crannies is exactly as you describe. "We want to do the job thoroughly but access is the issue". I have a 2006 Corolla estate. Unless we have owned a vehicle from new, we are invariably sorting out neglect by previous owners. I bought a tool specifically for this job. It is called a Flexible drill shaft and there is currently one in Tool station at £14.79. Item No 28938. It is 915mm long. One end goes in your electric drill, and on the other end is a chuck. You put a wire brush in the chuck and away you go. Wear goggles & dust mask.
  8. mart rotherham

    Where Is Temp Gaug On Coroll Verso?

    Thanks Mod, I`ll pass this info on to him.
  9. mart rotherham

    Where Is Temp Gaug On Coroll Verso?

    My mate has a 2.2 Corolla Verso (2004 I believe it is), and he told me today that there is no temp gauge on his car. I thought this does not seem right . He said there is only a blue light that goes out after driving it a while, assuming that it goes out when the engine is up to temp. He said, "how would I know if it over heats"? Is he correct, or is he not looking in the right place.
  10. Tom, I will try what you suggest (Thanks) and report back. Regarding the link to that other post on the subject, there does not seem to be a consensus of opinion on which is the correct way. There seems to be a lot of ambiguity amongst the posters.
  11. I have a 2006 Corolla 2Lt D4D. The dipstick can be inserted down the tube 2 ways. Facing towards the windscreen or facing away from the windscreen. The issue is that these two methods give a different oil level reading, and I do not know which is the correct one. How do I resolve this confusion?