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  1. I think that may well be the issue/cause DeTomato, as I forgot to loosen/ remove the cap to permit air to escape. What is the fix for this?
  2. 2006 Corolla estate 2lt turbo D4D I removed rear pads both sides yesterday as they were quite tight . None Toyota parts if that is relevant. I filed down the edges of the metal backplates and refitted. Much better fit now. Also pushed one of the pistons back in on near side. The thing is, since doing the job I have now got the red battery light & the fluid reservoir light illuminated on the dash. On trying the car after the job the lights did go out when braking while going down an incline and I thought it had been sorted, but they came back on after a few minutes. What could be the problem?
  3. Ok thanks. As position one on the ignition switch probably makes a few items live there may be 2 or 3 fuses that are okay to piggy back on to-depending on size of fuse. Probably a bit of digging around/trial & error.
  4. Thanks for the link. If using one of these, will I be able to do what I want, that is to have the cam on when ignition switch is on and off when ignition switch is off?
  5. When looking at both fuse boxes I don't think it is possible to just see a convenient point to connect to. You see all the fuses but the wires are concealed. If I could identify a point at one of the fuse boxes to connect to that was live when the ignition was switched to position one then that would be okay.
  6. I removed the plastic cover from around the ignition column on my 2006 corolla estate. How do I identify the correct 2 terminals to solder the dash cam wires to? I think there is just the live and neutral. I want the cam to be live when the ignition is turned one click (radio position).
  7. When I bought a brand new Micra in 1992 I waxoiled it. The waxoil remained good for the 20 years I had the car.Original paint still on underneath after all those years. But, and here's the thing-I had used it from the car being new, and checked regularly. Also after being jacked up where the underbody gets scape. On used cars, I stopped using it as like you I think old engine oil is better. If I bought a brand new car again I think I would still use old engine oil now I don't ever recall seeing a rusty piece of metal lying around that had oil on it. **The last can of Waxoil I got a few years ago was much thinner than it used to be back in the day.**
  8. One of the plastic covers that is under the engine & gearbox area is hanging down. I don't know if the grommets there are all one size? I am hoping they are, so I can go to the Toyota dealers and buy a few. MOT next week (at another garage) so should get a chance to shove them in while it up on the ramp. Anyone know if they are all the same size on the 2006 Corolla estate?
  9. I certainly sympathise there Oldcodger. The task of wire brushing rust off and undersealing has never been a pleasant sort of task. The tedium of getting in to the nooks & crannies is exactly as you describe. "We want to do the job thoroughly but access is the issue". I have a 2006 Corolla estate. Unless we have owned a vehicle from new, we are invariably sorting out neglect by previous owners. I bought a tool specifically for this job. It is called a Flexible drill shaft and there is currently one in Tool station at £14.79. Item No 28938. It is 915mm long. One end goes in your electric drill, and on the other end is a chuck. You put a wire brush in the chuck and away you go. Wear goggles & dust mask.
  10. Thanks Mod, I`ll pass this info on to him.
  11. My mate has a 2.2 Corolla Verso (2004 I believe it is), and he told me today that there is no temp gauge on his car. I thought this does not seem right . He said there is only a blue light that goes out after driving it a while, assuming that it goes out when the engine is up to temp. He said, "how would I know if it over heats"? Is he correct, or is he not looking in the right place.
  12. Tom, I will try what you suggest (Thanks) and report back. Regarding the link to that other post on the subject, there does not seem to be a consensus of opinion on which is the correct way. There seems to be a lot of ambiguity amongst the posters.
  13. I have a 2006 Corolla 2Lt D4D. The dipstick can be inserted down the tube 2 ways. Facing towards the windscreen or facing away from the windscreen. The issue is that these two methods give a different oil level reading, and I do not know which is the correct one. How do I resolve this confusion?