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  1. Hi, Can anyone help? I removed, and then reinstalled, the front passenger seat. Since then I have an airbag warning light on the dashboard. I think I may have broken the wiring plug underneath the seat. I have a Haynes manual but there is no wiring diagram for this. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. Hi , Sorry I simply do not accept that the reason I get nearer to 40 mpg is down to my driving style. I drive as ecomomically as possible, you may have passed me as I'm doing a steady 58 mph on the motorway! I'm also not working and so can chose my journeys to miss peak times and I take it as a challenge to use brakes only when needed. Ecomonical driving is deepy engrained in me. In addition I use the Toyota (Japan) specified thinner oil 0w5 for best ecomony. Toyota (UK) use much thicker oil because it is cheaper for them and increases their profit and is at the expense of fuel ecomony for the customer. Saying that the 40 mpg is down to poor driving simply does not wash. It may be that I accurately work out the TRUE consumption over thousands of miles and do not get misled by how far I travelled before the first bar disappeared off the fuel guage.
  3. What can you do to improve your mpg? Simple buy a Morris 1000 or an A series Metro and enjoy a genuine 50 mpg. Our Aygo has been a big disappointment on fuel economy, its true return is nearer 40 mpg and thats with 'ideal' conditions and over several thousands of miles. Reading through this its seems that I'm not the only one that was misled by advertising claims.
  4. Hi there, If you are managing to acheive 51+ mpg overall that is better than our 45 mpg overall, although the gap is not as large as it first appeared. Although I'm still puzzled why you are getting a better return. We rarely need to use a motorway (and when we do we keep the speed to a constant 58mph for economy reasons), in addition most of our driving is in the type of light traffic that you would expect to give a good fuel consumption return. Yes the Metro had higher road tax but with higher insurance cost and more fuel needed, the cost of running the Aygo is most likely about the same. There are things I like about the Aygo but the power steering that you mention is not one of them, the car is too light for this aid and I find that you need a good level of concentration as the steering has insufficient damping, it tends to wander with every road surface variation unless continually corrected manually. After a long journey I find this more tiring than if I had driven a Metro without power steering.
  5. Well at least someone is happy, although your 58 mpg based on one tank of fuel may be very misleading. However I note that you claim you exceed over 50 mpg as an average, if this is accurate then that is a fine result and much more than I'm acheiving. Our last car was a 1300cc A series Metro, it did a genuine 50 mpg (much better than our basic Aygo) and had much better acceleration. It had a manual choke, no cat convertor and no fuel injection, so I suppose thats the price of progress!! I remain unimpressed.
  6. Calculating fuel consumption based on the odd tank full is not very accurate. You really need to log the total quanity of fuel used for a decent quanity of miles,say 5,000 miles or more. Care is also needed to convert lires of fuel (as now sold at the pumps) to UK gallons. Using this method I'm recording between 40 - 50 mpg for our basic Aygo (with no air conditioning or anything else that lowers the fuel consumption). Disappointing, it has not met our expectations or manufactures inflated claims.
  7. I'm still struggling to get 50 mpg. It will do a bit more on a motorway run at a constant 58mph but even then nowhere near 60 mpg as some people think they are getting. My calculations are based on thousands of miles and good record keeping, could it be that some folk are getting false impressions based on one tank of fuel and the inaccuracies this can throw up?
  8. 0W20 is a thinner oil and therefore offers more protection when starting the engine from cold. The situation is more complicated than it first appears. However perhaps I should labour the point that my handbook actually quotes that if any other oil has been used it should be replaced asap with 0w20 full syn. I cannot therefore see how using a different oil that is not even fully synthetic is acceptable. This seems to me to be a case of local dealerships cutting their overheads even if it means ignoring Toyota specified quality.
  9. I don't believe this has been cleared up at all. The handbook issued with my Aygo clearly states that fully syn 0w20 oil must be used and if anything else is in there to remove it as quickly as possible. Toyota use this 0W20 oil to acheive the fuel consumptions quoted. Its plain wrong for main dealers to use a non-specified oil that will result in a reduction in fuel consumption and who knows what in terms of premature engine wear.
  10. £50 for 0W20 was the cheapest I could find this oil on the Internet, that is why my local dealer sold it to me at this 'special matched price'. Normal price, from memory was £76. I did not buy the filter from them but from a local motor factor. Its disappointing that Toyota dealers use the wrong oil and you can only have the right oil if you make a fuss and are prepared to change it yourself. We purchased the Aygo looking at precise petrol consumption figures in a very competitive small car market. If the figures had been revised to take account of this thicker and incorrect oil we may probably would have gone for a Suzuki Alto.
  11. Hi, My local Toyota dealer buys 10w-40 semi-synthetic oil in bulk and uses it in ALL Toyoyas. However my Aygo manual states that 0W-20 fully synthetic must be used, it even states that if anything else has be used to replace it with the correct oil asap. After a fuss my dealer specially ordered Toyota fully synthetic 0W-20 for me although I had to do the oil change myself!!!! They did supply the oil at a special dicscount of £50 to try and keep me happy. I am not impressed with Tpyota attitute to servicing, I think this is very poor.
  12. I noticed my new Aygo had this on the nearside front, it went away on its own and has not reappeared. I'm unsure if this is a fault or not. Could someone advise if I should make a warranty claim? Thanks.
  13. Hi There, We have now had our Aygo for 9 months. The petrol consumption continues to be a big disappointment. Despite favourable driving conditions the return is 40 something to the gallon. Not what we expected, we were lead to believe that 60 mpg was acheivable. Our old A series metro did a genuine 50 mpg, it therefore seems that we are going backward with technology.
  14. Hi again, Our Aygo is not an automatic. The way we use the car is to experience low traffic, it does not come a lot better than that but we still get less tham 50 mpg overall. The car is still quite new with less than 3k miles, so perhaps it may improve slightly. I did an oil change at 500 miles, the local dealership would would only sell me the oil they use, a thicker oil than Toyota specify. Eventually they obtailed the correct oil for me (but they still continue to use the wrong oil during servicing). One of the reasons I wanted the correct oil, not the thicker stuff, was to ensure the best petrol consumption. Seems a bit hollow now... Don't get me wrong, there some things I like about the car, its just that the petrol consumption is a big dissapointment.
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