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  1. I did not dyno the car, but it was a very big differense after removing it. Ofcourse it depends on how much ps there is original and if its petrol or diesel. Thats why I asked if someone has tried it on these cars since it made such a big driffence on my previous Nissan. I think the car would breathe a bit better without that plug
  2. The glow plugs are like lightbulbs, it wary how long they last. I changed mine on 80,000km after some slow starts in winter. I changed them all, but only one was broken. You can messure the ressistans with a multimeter (ohm). Its very easy to change on avensis, just remove the plastic enginecover and you see them on the top. Takes 10 minutes
  3. Ok. I think I`m going to try the box from parts-king then (when my bank allow it ). Maby I`ll mount a boostcontroller too. But havent anyone tried to remove the catalysator? I think it will give more then 1ps. On many cars this is a big enginebrake. The last car I sold was a Nissan 200sx and when a removed catalysator it made a big difference, maybe 15-20ps.
  4. hmm, interresting if its possible.I`ll check it out. How much HP will I earn by removing the catalysator and change the air filter, someone tried this? The boostpressure will raise, if the ecu does not regulate it down?
  5. No problems. Works like a dream, just a bit slow :P I have to do something with the electronics then. I have read that its not possible to chip the ECU on toyota. Is a "tuningbox" the only way on these cars?
  6. ok, thanks for the answers. I saw a cheap engine for sale, I had bought it if it was a easy swap
  7. Hello. Does anyone know if the wiring (not ecu) in my d4d 116ps avensis is the same as on the d-cat 177ps? Wondering if its just to swap engine and ecu. Geir
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