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  1. Just a quick update. Went to see another Avensis 57 plate 48k on clock, TR model hoping that this is it thats gonna be the one i am looking for. Unfortunately that was 60 miles one way wasted for nothing! Well ****** off. The car was unbelievable tired, dirty, mechanically dangerous to drive i would say. Brakes were knackered, bearing in mind had new break pads, steering wobbly, all sorts of sounds from the engine department and Toyota dealers wanted 7k for it!? Wasnt worth a half of that amount. Previous one with 4 owners looked as brand new comparing with this one. I couldnt believe that the main dealers are trying to sell such car. :ffs:
  2. I had a call from them today with partex figure which i took as bit of the taking the ***** offer. They offered 1k less for my car what i was expecting and other garages offered. So told them and they have gone to do more work and havent heard since. I used to have winter tyres on my previous Avensis and it wasnt that bad. This noise i was hearing it was quite deep and couldnt even hear the road noise. So not sure and almost made a decision to leave it. Going to see other one TR spec. Same dealers just different branch lol. Of course if the car wont be sold by then.
  3. Its T-3x model so no satnav unfortunately, and the price as from dealers is quite low i think £5,5k. I will make them first to have a look at that noise issue and solve it before committing to buy. I cant deal with things like that and rattles and humming noises are doing my head in as i spent 2 hours a day in the car every day lol. I was thinking that it might have been due to winter tyres fitted but i doubt it.
  4. Hi peeps. Went to have a look at 56 plate 2007 2L D4D Avensis, with 63k on the clock, full service history. The only bit is worrying me that the car has had 4 owners! But inside and out it looks great, clean tidy no marks, basically cant fault it. Engine is smooth, ride was good too. The only thing i have noticed was the humming noise once reached 40mph and sometimes at lower speed, I guess it was the wheel bearings or is it something else it might be. Was quite hard to distinguish where it is coming from. Should i check on something else prior making final decision? I have mentioned to the salesman and he said that it will get sorted prior the sale, because it will have to get it warranted etc. The car is from Toyota dealers though, expecting to be up to the standard. Thanks
  5. Hi guys. Its been quite a while since the last time i was here. Sold my old Avensis and got sweedish car which i like but its quite expensive to maintain fuel vise. So started thinking about going back to Toyota and been looking at some models which i really like. Was looking at Avensis 10reg ones new shape. Read that quite few people complaining as they are not as economical as stated. So my question is whats the mpg i could expect from D4D 2L diesel? What are main problems and faults? Thanks
  6. Hello everyone. Happy New Year! I was wondering maybe someone could help me. i am looking for drivers side headlight, front bumper and drivers side front wing. Ideally silver colour, code 1C0. Car is 04 reg, hatchback. thanks
  7. Thanks guys for advises. Once again this forum shows that its more useful than anything else.
  8. The undercarriage acts as a airduct to cool the engine. It will only work correctly if installed correctly, whilst driving the car the undercarriage if not installed correctly will wobble and make rattling and flexing noises. You need to make sure they have installed it correctly, especially the rear of it. Which car have you got? What year? Cheers cmia, i have 04 reg Avensis t3x. Need to find a pit hole or something like it to have a look whats going on underneath. i know its of the topic, but i had passenger side headlight bulb changed and notices its glowing bit differently as it used to. tried to adjust with the wheel for headlights height but the passenger one isnt moving and dont know why. Is there any screws near the headlight where i can adjust the beams? also where is that motor which moves headlights? thanks
  9. Thanks guys for the info. My engine covers havent got any clips, screws holding them at the moment. Undercover seems fixed on by god knows what, and i guess its not attached properly. Is possible that this cover can make right rattling noise when going through rougher surface which it can be heard inside. As i took my car to 3 different garages asking to check the suspension and they couldn't find anything. Had a service done recently and that annoying noise just increased.
  10. Hi guys, i remember seeing some posts about it with the link from fleebay, but now can find it. So maybe someone knows where i could get engine cover clips, also for plastics underneath the car? thanks
  11. my average used to stay the same all the time until i have disconnected my battery, afterwards figures look bit more realistic. Also my average functions goes up to 99mpg and then straight to 0mpg, but that happens when i am half way through my fuel tank. Its crazy
  12. Aha i see. i found on fleebay for almost the same price as they are selling now, and the seller seems to be the same company. if you want i can drop an item number.
  13. Darius28

    Car Alarm

    My alarm used to go off randomly. Went to check the battery life, it was very low, so after changing to the new one everything is fine.
  14. had a look on their web and the price still the same as it was couple months ago. Unless looking to different web. Thanks
  15. Hi, i was just wondering has anyone had the same bizzare thing with their trip computers? sometimes the option which shows average mpg goes mental showing average 99mpg!! or starts going down to 0mpg. but then it seems that it sorts it out itself. So has anyone had something similar? thanks